Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE Freezer Review & Features

Frozen foods can save lives, especially for people with a busy work schedule. But since the quality of every freezer is not the same, the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer will please you with its advanced technology.

Vestel SD30001 DUAL manages to stay ahead of its competitors’ freezers with its innovative technology and features. Before you start experiencing the comfort with Vestel SD30001 DUAL, be sure to check out this content.

Vestel SD30001 DUAL functions

Net capacity 275L
Freezer Volume 275L
Cooler volume 275L
Measurement 88.5×101.5x72cm
Daily energy consumption 0.77 kWh
Energy class F
Volume 41dB

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE freezer

The biggest feature of Vestel SD30001 DUAL is the technology developed to preserve the freshness of your food. Especially with the No Frost function, there is no icing and freezing in the freezer, preserving the taste and quality of your food. It also pleases its users with its structure that extends food storage time and saves energy.

Vestel SD30001 DUAL helps you prepare healthy and delicious meals by preserving the freshness of your food. You can safely store your frozen products in the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer.

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE technical specifications

  • Content 275 litres
  • 49 kilograms weight
  • Crate type design
  • Compact and minimal dimensions
  • Energy class F
  • 41 dB noise level
  • Child lock function
  • Double freezer technology

Vestel SD30001 DUAL design

Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer has a modern design with its perfect white color. One of the most striking features of this freezer is the lid lamp. It lights up automatically when the cover is opened and allows you to easily find the products inside.

This freezer is specially designed for families with children and offers safe use thanks to the child lock. This way, with children’s interest in technology and touch screens, your freezer will always remain in the position you left it and you can use it safely.

The Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer stands out for its ease of use and modern design. Designed in accordance with the needs of each home, the product also stands out for its quality and durability. This freezer, which is both a practical and stylish choice, will be one of the most useful items in your home.

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE dimensions

Height 88.5 cm
Width 101.5 cm
Depth 72cm
Weight 49kg

The Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer is a device with a height of 88.5 cm, a width of 101.5 cm and a depth of 72 cm. It is very convenient with its dimensions and allows you to use your space in your home efficiently. In addition, the fact that this freezer weighs only 49 kg increases portability. This way you can easily take it with you wherever you want.

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE capacity and volume

Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer has a large storage capacity with a capacity of 275 liters. Because of this large volume you can safely store all your food. It optimally meets your culinary needs by keeping your food fresh for longer and preserving its nutritional values.

Thanks to the fast freeze mode of this freezer, your food freezes faster and stays fresh.

You can use the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer as a cool box to keep your food fresh thanks to the Dual technology. If you want, you can freeze your food and store it for later use. Dual technology makes this freezer flexible to use according to your needs.

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE

Vestel SD30001 DUAL cooling and freezing volume

Net Volume 275L
Cooler capacity 0 L
Freezer Capacity 275L

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE Electricity consumption

Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer not only saves energy in 24 hours, it consumes 0.77 kWh, but also reduces your billing costs. This freezer with energy class F saves energy in your daily use and reduces the impact on your environment.

In addition, the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer offers silent operation with a noise level of 41 dB. This relieves you of annoying noises in your home or workplace and does not disturb you. In other words, this freezer manages to meet everyone’s needs with both energy savings and silent operation.

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE energy class

Energy class F
Daily electricity consumption 0.77 kWh

Vestel SD30001 DUAL User Comments

👤 *** ***: I like it, you can get it both quiet and easy.

👤 *** ***: I looked at many products on the market and of course I chose Vestel. It’s a very nice product. The packaging was very nice. The product came with service, it was immediately installed and explained. We were very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: I was very satisfied, my hesitation was gone, hassle-free delivery, hassle-free product.

👤 *** ***: Very nice selection. We use it a lot, I recommend it.

👤 *** ***: I am satisfied with the product. It was great to have two applications.

👤 *** ***: The product is very beautiful. The cooling is very good, I would definitely recommend it to those considering it.

👤 *** ***: It’s a great product, I definitely recommend it, I say buy it without thinking.

👤 *** ***: Number ten five stars thank you. It works very well.

👤 *** ***: The freezer was too insufficient for me and the freezing time is too long. I do not like.

👤 *** ***: I bought the product for my mother, but the capacity was insufficient. It could have been bigger.

Editor’s Comments

Vestel SD30001 DOUBLE

The Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer has a large storage capacity of 275 liters, so you can store a lot of food for your family or roommates.

Vestel SD30001 DUAL helps you save money on your electricity bill as it has an F energy rating. Thanks to the quick freeze function, it helps you freeze food faster, preserving freshness and nutritional value while extending their shelf life. This allows you to use your storage space in your home more efficiently.

You will also like this freezer because of its user-friendly structure and maintenance. Moreover, thanks to its silent operation, it does not cause any disturbing noises in your home. So it’s up to you to enjoy the extra storage space.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer. Here are frequently asked questions about Vestel SD30001 DUAL:

What is the capacity of the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer?

Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer has a capacity of 275 liters.

What energy class does the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer have?

Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer is equipped with energy class F. This means that it consumes more energy than its competitors.

How do I clean the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer?

To clean the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer, you must first remove the plug from the socket. Then it must be emptied by removing the food inside. Then it should be cleaned and dried with warm water and soap. The outer surface can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Is the Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer quiet?

The Vestel SD30001 DUAL freezer works very quietly during normal use thanks to the noise level of 41 dB.

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