Virtual parents are on the Internet hunting for children! “I’m your virtual mom, baby!”

A new trend has started with children and young people, virtual parents. They find themselves parents in different cities. These parents are young people aged 20-30 who are on virtual platforms. They approach children and young people by saying that they are free in everything. They say they don’t have to listen to their real parents. By saying, “Your family can’t take the phone away from you, you can go to any site you want, you can download anything you want, you are a free individual,” they wash the children’s heads and build a bond on. They promise to be their indulgent, libertarian, fun virtual parents.

They say they can “do whatever they want with sex, their families have no right to interfere”. There are even people who consider these children lovers. Encouraging different sexual orientations, enforcing the use of antidepressants, vaccinating that religion is not necessary, asking for money, trying to alienate them from the country they live in are their main pursuits!

So who are they? Why are they doing this to our children? What are their interests? University of Marmara Communication Faculty of Visual Communication Design Department Head and Digital Communication Researcher Assoc. dr. We bought it from Ali Murat Kırık.

– The situation is really scary… Where do you think these virtual parents came from? In what ways do they reach children?

– This danger, which is expressed as the virtual parenting movement, means that foreign people take on the role of parents and create a virtual family in the Internet environment. This trend usually occurs on various social media platforms, forums involving children, chat rooms and games. Especially for children who have communication problems within the family, virtual parents almost mean an escape and comfort. But virtual parents, unfortunately, are not as innocent as it seems… They usually carry out the transport process on social media and games that children follow with interest. By establishing identification, they try to attract children based on common tastes and preferences. It is possible to say that their main goal is to disrupt the Turkish family structure by raising a generation that is rebellious, irresponsible and alienated from the society in which they live.

– Which platforms should families keep their children away from?

– In fact, any platform in the virtual world can become a potential threat to children. Social media platforms provide an extremely convenient environment for communicating with foreigners. By the way, it is easier to reach children from common groups. For this reason, parents should be sensitive to social media and especially platforms that provide content production and control. Online games can also pose a risk to children. Virtual mothers and fathers, who show warmth and sincerity during these games, get closer to the children and let them do what they want.


– How do they cheat on children?

– These people, who generally talk about the freedom of children, can also threaten their family from time to time. They can even become cyberbullies with blackmail against children. Dating apps can also be easily downloaded from app stores. Children can enter these applications, which generally have an age limit, by increasing their age. Since there are also credits and gifts provided within the applications, it is seen as appealing to children and described as an easy income door. Families should especially monitor devices used by children and immediately remove such applications if they exist.

– As an expert, what would you advise families? What precautions should they take?

– It is important for families to show interest and affection first and to spend time with children. Because when a healthy bond is established between the parent and the child, it is very easy to overcome many problems. However, it is important for families to provide device control and use parental filters against such dangers in the digital world. Social media accounts are also important to follow. Especially newly acquired friends and followed accounts should be carefully examined. The privacy settings of children’s social media accounts should be checked. Here too, limiting the use of devices by children and giving informative speeches against the dangers in the digital world make an important contribution.


– Are there any practical examples on the subject that you have heard of?

– The issue has resonated especially on social media… It is important to investigate these allegations and take the necessary action! If virtual parenting becomes widespread, Turkey’s family structure will be seriously eroded. If these people, who recognize themselves as so-called libertarians, are not stopped, raising a lost generation will also be a serious problem for the country.


– It is said that these people are fed from foreign sources and work for money. What do you think?

– There are no concrete data or findings so far regarding the claim that virtual parents are fed from foreign-linked sources and work for money. However, when past experiences and foreign operations against Turkish society are remembered, it will be clear that these claims will not be entirely unfounded. Because we have seen several outbreaks in the past that confuse the young generation in Turkey, try to disrupt their chemistry and even want to break away from the society they live in. So we may have faced a similar scenario. For this reason, it is possible to stage such plays with the virtual mother and father movement. However and alone; With the joint efforts of the state and families, it will be possible to fight against such movements and threats; problems can be solved.

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