Volta VB1 Review | Range, payload, design, weight and speed

Volta VB1 meets expectations with its electric bicycle equipment in accordance with European standards. This handy tool can be adapted to the maximum number of people and load and thus promises smooth use. The flat and paved roads, which the Volta VB1 can safely prefer in urban transport or pleasant tourist routes, save you driving in heavy traffic and allow you to get where you want to go.

The environmentally friendly approach of the Volta VB1 electric folding bike makes it an important choice for people with a high environmental awareness. It shows that it is possible to leave a cleaner world for future generations with less fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Volta VB1 Features

Weight 22.2 kg
type of bicycle Foldable bicycle
Engine type RKS 36V 250W
Edge 20 inches
Reach 50-80km
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Number of gears 7 gears

Volta VB1 review

Volta VB1 meets the needs of many users and, with its load capacity of up to 110 kg, targets everyone with different physical characteristics. This electric bicycle, with a speed of 25 km/h and a range of 50-80 km, offers an ideal option for various applications, from urban transport to pleasant sightseeing tours.

All information about the use and maintenance of the Volta VB1 is contained in the manual that comes with the tool. This guide will enable you to act in the best possible way and make long, adventurous journeys. In addition, thanks to the quality and durability of the product, it offers an option that you can consider as a gift for your loved ones on special occasions.

Here are all the details on the Volta VB1, the best Volta bike;

Volta VB1 Design

The Volta VB1 electric folding bike has an aesthetic design. The black housing offers a stylish and modern look. The small structure and foldable function provide convenient storage and transportation for users. It is a suitable option for both male and female users.

Volta VB1 Speed

The maximum speed of the Volta VB1 is set at 25 km/h. This speed is sufficient for city use and touring. It is designed in accordance with speed limits.

Volta VB1 Reach

Volta VB1 has a range of 50-80 km. Range may vary depending on battery capacity, usage patterns, road conditions and driving style. In general, it has sufficient range for urban or touring use.

Volta VB1 Wheel and tire

The Volta VB1 has a rim size of 20 inches. This rim size provides a comfortable ride over long distances. The bicycle’s tires are designed to provide good grip and ride comfort on a variety of surfaces.

Volta VB1 Weight

Volta VB1 review

The electric bicycle Volta VB1 has a load capacity of up to 110 kg. This appeals to users with different physical characteristics. The bike’s own weight is 22.2 kilograms. The bicycle, which is easily portable, can withstand high weights.

Volta VB1 braking system

Volta VB1 is equipped with a disc brake system. Disc brakes provide better braking performance in sandy, dusty and rainy weather. It provides a safe driving experience and makes it easy to control your speed.

Volta VB1 Battery and charging time

The battery capacity of Volta VB1 is determined to be 36 V, 8.8 AH. The charging time varies depending on whether the empty battery is fully charged. Usually it can be fully charged in 4 to 6 hours.

Volta VB1 Contents of the box

The content of the box of the Volta VB1 electric folding bike is determined by the manufacturer. Usually the contents of the box include the bike itself, the charger, the owner’s manual and the necessary mounting parts. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the exact contents of the box.

Want to buy Volta VB1?

Volta VB1 review

The electric folding bike Volta VB1 is a popular product because of its design, functions and ease of use. However, it is important to consider your needs, intended use and budget before purchasing. It is also recommended to consider user reviews and product reviews before buying the bike.

Volta VB1 How to fold?

The Volta VB1 electric bicycle has a simple folding mechanism. You can fold the bicycle by following these steps: Bring the pedals and handlebars into a horizontal position. Find the folding point in the center of the bike. Unlock and fold the bike. Once folded, close the lock again and safely transport or store the folded bicycle. Carefully following the instructions in the manual will ensure that you perform the correct folding and unfolding operations.

Volta VB1 Electric folding bike reviews

Volta VB1 review

👤 *** ***: The product quality is average, as I expected. it works, come and go, it lasts 25 km comfortably, the highest level is on the support. but hand throttle doesn’t go beyond 5 km, service alertness is at stake. They want 600 TL for brain replacement. I don’t regret it now, I hope I won’t regret it in the future. The seller shipped quickly, the product is well packaged, everything comes pre-assembled, with a few settings it can be used immediately. good luck to your friends.

👤 *** ***: The product arrived within the time I requested. however, due to the skewed steering wheel, minor damage to the seat and skewness of the lower support bar, I will be returning it with regret. 🙁 I hope my new order arrives without any problems. The product looked good according to the price-performance tool.

👤 *** ***: The front steering part is playing.

👤 *** ***: It took some getting used to from a 26′ bike to both an electric bike and a small wheelie. If you press the pedal while the electric motor is running, the bike will move forward after a short delay. Climbing is no problem. You can easily conquer the slopes by increasing the support when necessary.

👤 *** ***: It is a good product in terms of Turkish manufacture and price/performance ratio. The packaging needs to be improved and it needs to be shipped with over-the-grid cargo carriers. The plastic of the starter support arm broke during transport. I congratulate the seller for solving the problem smoothly by sending spare parts after my claim.

👤 *** ***: The range of the product is about 30-35 km, the material quality is medium level, but the folding hub does not feel very solid, the gear lever seems defective to me, but I was not worried, be not surprised when they give you such a little surprise. The tires are thin, good, nice, but especially the rear wheel explodes very quickly depending on the weight and most cyclists don’t want to touch it because it is a motorcycle hub, I temporarily solved the problem with a saddle bag and a spare set of inner tubes. This tire problem is not specific to this brand, it is a general problem of electric thin wheels.

👤 *** ***: Although the product is brand new, I had to send it and take it to the service slightly defective, and the service demanded compensation even though Volta had its own service, which was not pleasant.

👤 *** ***: Although the product shipped and shipped very well, the instrument panel was broken while coming out of the cargo. I advise you to take this into account when buying a product with a disgraceful plastic material quality. Even if you fill the load completely, 1 tooth is missing in the places where there is a slope.

👤 *** ***: I use the product in Çayova / Kocaeli. I usually come from hilly areas. If I shut down when the boost is at 5, the battery immediately dies and the power shuts off. If I go with prop 1 it doesn’t drain the battery right away, if I turn it a little bit of force it has slight inclines. However, it certainly doesn’t come out even when pedaling the steep slopes. I recommend 1500W kits for those who will use it often on slopes.

👤 *** ***: The product arrived used. The wheels were muddy and the iron was scratched. The rear fender was bent.

What is the maximum speed of the Volta VB1?

The maximum speed of the electric bicycle Volta VB1 is set at 25 km/h.

What is the range of the Volta VB1?

The Volta VB1 has a range of approximately 50-80 km. This range may vary depending on usage conditions, driving style and battery level.

What is the rim size of the Volta VB1?

The rim size of the Volta VB1 electric bicycle is 20 inches.

What is the carrying capacity of the Volta VB1?

Volta VB1 has a load capacity of up to 110 kg. It is designed to support users with different physical characteristics.

How is the Volta VB1’s braking system?

The Volta VB1 electric bicycle is equipped with a disc brake system. This system allows you to brake safely even in sandy, dusty or rainy weather.

What is the battery capacity and charging time of the Volta VB1?

The battery capacity of the Volta VB1 is 36 V, 8.8 AH. The charging time is approximately 4-6 hours for a fully discharged battery.

What’s in the Volta VB1 box?

The Volta VB1 electric folding bike usually comes with a box containing the bike itself, battery, charger, user manual and necessary accessories.

How can I fold the Volta VB1?

Volta VB1 has a foldable design. You can easily fold and store the bike by following the instructions in the manual.

Where can I buy Volta VB1?

You can buy the Volta VB1 electric bicycle from authorized dealers or from various online sales platforms.

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