Volta VSM Review | Range, speed, weight, rim and tire

As the mobility of cities increases, so does the interest in alternative and environmentally friendly modes of transport. It is at this point that electric bicycles come to the fore and become an indispensable part of modern city life. Designed to both protect the environment and provide fast and convenient transportation, electric bicycles provide a comfortable riding experience for their users. At the moment, the Volta VSM stands out as a city bike that attracts attention with its unique features.

Volta VSM features

Weight 15 – 20 kg
type of bicycle Electric Folding Bicycle
Engine type RCS 250W
Edge 20 inches
Reach 35km
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Weight it can bear 109kg

Volta VSM review

While dazzling with its design, Volta VSM also pushes the boundaries with its performance. The Volta VSM has a stylish and classic look and maximizes driving comfort with its double shock absorber system and mudguards. Although the bicycle, supported by the power of the electric motor, is limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, it still offers a safe ride in accordance with EN 15194 standards.

One of the most notable features of the Volta VSM is its range. The range, which can vary depending on road, weather and usage conditions, can be up to 40 kilometers on average. This provides quite a distance to meet your daily transportation needs.

Volta VSM is assertive in terms of weight and also offers advantages in terms of portability with its 55 kg structure. It allows you to move quickly and practically in narrow city streets without getting stuck in traffic.

The battery capacity of the Volta VSM is also a feature that cannot be ignored. The deep-cycle gel battery with a capacity of 48V 14Ah offers long-lasting and reliable performance. The battery, which can be fully charged in 6-8 hours, offers a user-friendly experience with its charging time and output.

Here are all the details about Volta VSM;

Volta VSM design

The design of the Volta VSM electric bicycle has a stylish and classic look that is typical for city bicycles. The battery on the frame is clearly positioned and doesn’t spoil the overall aesthetic of the bike. In addition, thanks to the double shock absorber system, it offers a more comfortable experience while driving. Dual fenders prevent splashes of mud and water from affecting your ride. The rim size and tire sizes of Volta VSM have been carefully selected for a safe and stable ride. This design has been carefully considered to provide comfortable and pleasant transportation within the city.

Volta VSM speed

Volta VSM, in accordance with EN 15194 standards, the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h. This speed limit is set to provide a safe riding experience and to ensure that the bike moves in harmony with other vehicles in traffic. The speed of the Volta VSM can vary depending on the power of the electric motor and the pedaling speed of the rider.

Volta VSM range

The Volta VSM has a rated motor power of 220 watts and the range may vary depending on road, weather and usage conditions. On average, the range of the Volta VSM can be up to 40 kilometers. However, this value may vary depending on the actual conditions of use and the driver’s driving style. The range of the electric bicycle can vary depending on factors such as energy efficiency, battery capacity and riding modes.

Volta VSM rim and tire

Volta VSM

The rim size of the Volta VSM is 20 inches. This rim size is ideal for improving urban maneuverability and driving stability. Tires are used with the size 16×2.5 for the front wheel and 14×2.50 for the rear wheel. These tires have been specially selected to improve handling, increase driving comfort and provide better performance in different road conditions.

Volta VSM weight

The weight of the Volta VSM is 55 kg. This weight is average for electric bicycles. The weight of 55 kg is a factor to consider with regard to the portability and ease of use of the bike. The solid structure and balanced design of the Volta VSM balances weight distribution while driving and provides a stable driving experience.

Volta VSM braking system

Volta cannot provide precise information about VSM’s braking system. However, systems that brake effectively, such as hydraulic disc brakes or V-brakes, are generally preferred for electric bicycles. Such braking systems are designed to come to a stop safely and quickly. It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to find out which braking system the Volta VSM is equipped with.

Volta VSM battery and charging time

The battery capacity of Volta VSM is 48V 14Ah. This deep cycle gel battery has been carefully designed to provide long life and high performance. Battery charging time may vary depending on power quality, battery condition and climatic conditions. It is usually fully charged in 6-8 hours. The charging output is 48V/2 Amps, which allows the battery to be charged at the correct speed. Full battery charge time includes the battery charging process from low energy levels to full capacity.

Volta VSM Box Contents

Volta VSM

The contents of the Volta VSM box are determined by the manufacturer and usually include the bike as well as the battery, charger, owner’s manual and necessary mounting accessories. Some models may also include additional accessories or spare parts in the box. You can obtain a complete list by looking at the manufacturer’s specifications before purchase.

Buy Volta VSM?

Volta VSM is an electric bicycle designed for urban transport and preferred by many users. It attracts attention with its range of up to 40 km, stylish design and useful functions. However, it is important to consider your own needs, budget and preferences before purchasing a bicycle. It will be more accurate to make your decision by comparing Volta VSM features with other models and reading user comments.

Volta VSM Bike reviews

Volta VSM

👤 *** ***: First we need to understand what we are getting; This vehicle is an electrically assisted bicycle. The design and weight are a bit of an absurd “bike”, which brings with it the problem of downhills. When the load is reduced to one level it is very difficult, but when it is half or more you don’t have much of a pedal assist.

👤 *** ***: A sturdy, scooter-like, beautiful and enjoyable gadget. If you are going to drive in a very hilly area, you can choose an electric scooter or a 50 cc motorcycle as a start. But if you have an 80 percent straight road, that may be preferable.

👤 *** ***: Friends, it’s been a week since I bought the bike and it’s a very good product for city use. Although I weigh 90 kg and my son 32 kg, the bike carries us both very comfortably. There’s no problem on slight inclines, but I’m sure it won’t go out on very incline roads.

👤 *** ***: I also disconnected the yellow-green wire, the power increased incomparably with the old one. It’s perfect, I enjoy it. dangerous for use by children alone. I made a snap switch under the seat and connected the yellow and green wire to this switch. When I need power, I now switch to turbo.

👤 *** ***: There is a cable under the seat except for the child lock; When you unplug it, the device experiences a power explosion. I don’t pedal hills anymore. I think it was a greenish black wire; It is written on the brain which wire it is.

👤 *** ***: They were very interested, thank you, the motor is really very nice, reliable and easy to use, the range is nice, the speed is good. My only issue is if it’s a child lock, I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t increase the speed. I wanted to open it from my curiosity, it’s more secure, originally the seller is the courier, thanks everyone for their interest

👤 *** ***: Very good for urban use. Charging lasts a long time. Removing the battery and charging it at home ensures ease of use.

👤 *** ***: I’m telling buyers Ignore the bad reviews you’ve read. Great product. It slows down the slope, but it doesn’t stop. I wasn’t even wearing the petal. She brought it to me without any damage. I fell in love with the product. Do not remove the yellow cable under the seat.

👤 *** ***: I disconnected the white wire, it accelerates to 25 km. I can cycle electrically for a very long time on 1 charge. I bought it because there is not much slope in the place I know. I also ride a motorcycle. But now I drive the volta around town and enjoy it. great for its price, effortless and cost effective, its battery is great when used correctly.

👤 *** ***: The product is very beautiful, but the rooster broke the logistics left brake lever, good luck with nylon. I couldn’t see it, but I saw it later while installing.

👤 *** ***: The product was well packed, a very good tool, but the basket was different, but nice.

What is the maximum speed of Volta VSM?

Volta VSM, in accordance with EN 15194 standards, the maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.

What is the range of the Volta VSM?

The range of the Volta VSM may vary depending on road, weather and usage conditions. On average, the range of the Volta VSM can be up to 40 kilometers.

What is the charging time of Volta VSM?

Volta VSM charging time may vary depending on mains power quality, battery condition and climatic conditions. Usually it can be fully charged within 6-8 hours.

How much does the Volta VSM weigh?

The weight of the Volta VSM is 55 kg.

What braking system does Volta VSM use?

Volta cannot provide precise information about VSM’s braking system. However, systems that brake effectively, such as hydraulic disc brakes or V-brakes, are generally preferred for electric bicycles.

Does Volta VSM have a foldable feature?

No, Volta VSM is not foldable. It is designed as a city bike with a fixed structure.

How can I buy Volta VSM?

For the purchase of Volta VSM you can go to various bicycle sales outlets or online sales platforms. You can get it directly from authorized dealers or from the manufacturer.

What is the warranty period of Volta VSM?

The warranty period of Volta VSM is determined by the manufacturer or dealer. It is important that you check the warranty terms and duration before purchasing.

How to supply Volta VSM spare parts?

You can contact the manufacturer or authorized service points for spare parts for Volta VSM. Usually, authorized services will help deliver the spare parts you need.

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