Warning against scorpion and snake bites

Specialist Dr Sefer Aslan stated that picnics and camps or work areas in the fields, vineyards and gardens should be handled with care, and citizens should stay away from scorpion and snake nests, especially tree cavities or hollows, to protect themselves.

Aslan stated that scorpion and snake bites can have more serious consequences, especially for children and the elderly over 65, saying: “Especially in the summer months when temperatures are very high, snakes and scorpions are active. During these periods, our citizens should be careful. should stay clear of their nests, especially in tree hollows or hollows. Owners of houses in holiday resorts and villages should keep their doors and windows closed to avoid scorpion and snake bites. Closed shoes or boots should be worn on field walks. Scorpion and snake bites can vary from person to person, depending on the species of the creature.”Scorpio and snake bites can lead to more serious consequences, especially for children and the elderly over the age of 65,” he said.

Aslan said: “In case of scorpion and snake bites, the nearest health facility should be consulted immediately. In scorpion and snake bites, edema, pain, redness, bruising, muscle spasms, inflammation, chills and tingling can be observed in the bitten area. In such cases can the body area bitten by a scorpion or snake lie down.It should be held in place and not moved.After that, a cold application is immediately applied to the bitten area and a bandage is wrapped around the injured area.Make sure the The person’s blood circulation is not blocked A tourniquet should not be applied 20 percent of all snake bites are bites that do not cause symptoms and are described as dry bites Snake bites show local and general symptoms Pain, bruising and inflammation can be seen in the area of the snakebite.

In addition, digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea; Symptoms such as headache, excessive thirst, bleeding, mental disturbances, cardiac arrhythmias, irregular breathing and shock can be seen. With snake bites; First of all, the patient must be calmed down and rested. The area should be washed with water and the items (rings, bracelets, etc.) that may exert pressure in the area close to the wound removed.

If the snake has bitten the person’s head or neck area, pressure should be applied immediately around the wound. Compartment syndrome can develop in the extremities.

Compartment syndromes can be observed in sensory disturbances, pain, pallor, muscle paralysis, pulselessness, increased pressure. This can lead to loss of limbs in the patient. There are some wrong situations that are known to be true in the society. The mistakes are sucking the wound, cutting the wound, applying a tourniquet to the wound, burning the wound, applying herbal mixtures to the wound. If they are correct, it is important to fix the extremity, wash the wound with soapy water, give tetanus prophylaxis, and transport the patient to a hospital as soon as possible where emergency intervention can be performed.

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