Warning to expectant mothers of twins: she should pay twice as much attention to her health

While the idea of ​​twins excites future parents, there are several concerns about both the health of the mother and the management of two babies at the same time. A healthy lifestyle in twin pregnancies, regular checkups and good prenatal care make it possible to have a comfortable pregnancy process and have healthy babies. Kiss. Dr Timur Uğurlu told what should be known about a twin pregnancy.

“The percentage of twin pregnancies is four in a thousand”

Claiming that multiple pregnancy usually involves the fertilization of more than one egg, Op. Dr Timur Uğurlu says: “It can also happen when an egg is fertilized and then splits into two or more embryos that develop into two or more babies. The most common form of multiple pregnancy is a twin pregnancy. It occurs in about four out of 1,000 pregnancies. Fraternal twins are formed by the early division of the embryo, which is formed by the fertilization of a single egg with a single sperm, in the early period. Fraternal twins are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm cells.

“They develop like a single baby”

Uğurlu pointed out that in many ways a twin pregnancy is similar to a single baby pregnancy, saying: “Healthy twins develop as a single baby until the last trimester when their growth slows. Twins are usually born earlier than the normal 40-week period. Carrying twins can be more difficult for the mother than carrying a single baby, and the risks for pregnancy problems are greater, so it is especially important to follow up on prenatal checkups and tests.”

“There are more complaints compared to a normal pregnancy”

Noting that the pregnant woman’s abdomen is larger and nausea and vomiting are more common in twin pregnancies compared to the gestational week, Uğurlu said: “However, the definitive diagnosis of multiple pregnancy is made by seeing the babies with ultrasound. Twin pregnancies are usually similar to other pregnancies but have higher circulating hormone levels and extra weight gain can carry some risks of complications Twin pregnancy can be a risky situation Birth occurs in earlier weeks compared to a single pregnancy With a twin pregnancy, on average, a single pregnancy would 10 kg should be gained, while this figure goes up to 20 kg. Stretch marks, swelling, varicose veins and hemorrhoids are also common. These changes in the body of expectant mothers can also lead to negative psychological effects. Twin pregnancies have a higher risk of miscarriage than a single pregnancy. Congenital disorders and stunted growth are more common. There may be an increased risk of pregnancy-induced hypertension. Women with twin pregnancies; There is a higher risk of conditions such as gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes), preeclampsia (poisoning of pregnancy), preterm birth, and bleeding.

“An expectant mother should pay twice as much attention to her health”

Uğurlu said the mother-to-be should be careful with her health and concluded her speech as follows: “Twins sharing a placenta can have additional complications. Sometimes the blood supply is unevenly distributed, which can cause different health problems for both babies. Or if the placenta itself is unevenly distributed, it could mean a baby isn’t getting enough nutrients and isn’t growing. The risk of complications can be reduced or deterioration of the picture can be prevented without interrupting prenatal appointments. The expectant mother should be closely monitored in terms of potential risks, starting with the detection of a twin pregnancy. The mother should be given adequate nutrition and rest. Due to the risk of preterm birth, follow-up and delivery should be performed in a fully equipped hospital with a neonatal intensive care unit.

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