Warning to moms from the expert: be careful with scoliosis

OMU Faculty of Medicine Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Sina Coşkun gave information about scoliosis, which means curvature of the spine to one side. Assoc. states that the disease may be congenital, but often occurs in adolescence. Dr. Coşkun said: “If on the one hand there is a height at the shoulder, asymmetry in the child’s body, and if there is an obliteration of the waist dimples on one side and a more pronounced one on the other side, then are these the signs of scoliosis.”


associate Dr Hüseyin Sina Coşkun said: “Scoliosis is a term that means the spine bends to one side when viewed from the front and back. For scoliosis, the curvature of the spine must have reached a certain angular value. If the spine is bent more than 10 degrees to one side, it is called scoliosis. Children’s first doctors are their mothers. It is helpful for mothers to be careful in this regard. If there is any doubt, an orthopedic and traumatology doctor should come for evaluation. Sometimes scoliosis can be detected in the randomly taken chest x-rays. To assess scoliosis, a film of the entire spine must be made,” he said.


Assoc. states that there are different treatment methods for scoliosis. Dr Coşkun said: “Treatment is usually in the form of observation up to an angle of 20-25 degrees. We examine these patients and monitor their growth. We do not apply any treatment. If the increase continues and this curvature is somewhere between 25 and 45 degrees, then corset treatments gain importance. Corset treatment is a treatment that is applied when the child is growing. It is not appropriate to apply corset treatment to a child or adult whose growth has completed. When the obvious cosmetic defect starts above 45 degrees, surgical treatment methods come to the fore. If the angle is greater than 70-80 degrees, pressure on the heart and lungs can occur in the curvature of the spine. There is no rule that any curvature of the spine will cause internal organ compression or discomfort. As a treatment, the freezing process of the spine, which we call posterior fusion, is performed and the movement of the spine is allowed to be maintained with the thread tension system, which has been popular in recent years.

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