Watch out for 7 things that hurt your ears

Throat and Nose Disorders Specialist Assoc. Doğan said: “Our ears are actually more sensitive than we think. “There are some behaviors and situations that can hurt the ears,” he said.

Dr. Doğan listed the 7 detrimental factors as follows:

“a. Loud sound and noise: Since the ears are sensitive organs, loud noise is always harmful to the ears. Listening to loud music, shooting guns without hearing protection, working in loud environments, being exposed to loud explosions, working in environments such as loud entertainment venues can damage hearing and cause tinnitus. This hearing loss can vary from person to person. Hearing loss can be permanent or temporary, depending on the degree and duration of exposure to loud noise.

2. Ear cleaning sticks: Ear cleaning sticks cause wax to clog in the ear canal and damage the ear. Normally, wax tends to push itself out of the ear. This self-cleaning system is broken with ear sticks. Pushing the ear sticks deeper can damage the eardrum.

3. Ear drops: Some ear drops are harmful to the ear, for example ear drops with the active ingredient Gentamicin have a harmful effect on the ear. These drops randomly and unconsciously
use damages the ear. Some mixtures of unknown content can damage the ear by disturbing the pH balance of the ear canal, causing fungal infection and inflammation in the ear.

4. Mobile phone: Mobile phones can damage the ear by emitting radiation and electromagnetic waves. Especially during the first call, holding the ear to the ear can cause tinnitus, throbbing and a feeling of deep pain by emitting most electromagnetic waves. People who have to talk a lot on a mobile phone should use headphones. Here too there is a risk of explosion due to overheating of the lithium batteries in these telephones. If these explode when held close to the head, they are life threatening by damaging the head.

5. Smoking and Drugs: Smoking causes blood vessel deterioration over time, impeding blood flow. Smoking inhibits blood flow, especially by affecting small capillaries. These capillaries provide blood flow to our ear, and the deterioration of blood flow leads to hearing loss. Some antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs that we have to take can cause ear cells to die and can permanently damage hearing. You need constant monitoring while taking these drugs.
6. Piercing: If the piercing is done without hygienic conditions, the ear cartilage can melt and deform the ear. Ear cartilage piercings should be done under the supervision of a doctor. Again, earrings worn in the ear cause an allergic reaction in the ear, causing itching and swelling of the ear, causing an infection.

7. Dizziness: Ears play an important role in maintaining balance apart from the job of hearing. Dizziness, ringing in the ears, increased pressure and a feeling of closure in the ear indicate that the balance system in the inner ear has been compromised, and underestimating these symptoms can cause damage to the hearing organ over time. Causes affecting the vestibular system are an indication that hearing may also be affected. Therefore, patients with vertigo should be evaluated in detail by ENT specialists.

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