Watch out for back and neck pain that lasts longer than two weeks

Neurosurgical specialist Dr. Ufuk Özsoy emphasized that in a healthy spine structure, there should be a lumbar and neck depression called lordosis in the neck and lumbar region, and a hump called kyphosis in the back region, but if this depression and hump exceed certain degrees , it causes various diseases of the spine. Dr. Dr. Özsoy said: “Due to uncontrolled contraction of these large muscle groups due to imbalance between cold and heat, inability to regain their former state after sudden tension, uncontrolled muscle stretching that occurs in the long run due to constant work in a certain position , or due to psychological factors, these muscle groups contract and contract by contraction. It pulls in the bone structure to which it is attached. Thus, the arrangement of the spinal bones changes. This is reflected in the disappearance of the cupping called lordosis in the neck and waist , that is, the straightening of the bone alignment and the decrease in the degree of inward humpback of the dorsal spine bones. This is often manifested in the form of flattening of the waist and neck. In fact, this deformity of the spine is the way the problem in muscle groups manifests by reflecting on the spine.At this point, the muscles around the spine are the condition that requires treatment.

“It appears as a hernia, pain, numbness and even loss of strength”

Dr. Özsoy describes the health problem called disc herniation as “pain, numbness, numbness, burning sensation in the position where the nerve extends into the arm and leg, due to the pressure on the spinal cord and nerves coming from the spinal cord immediately adjacent to the structures called disc, which acts as a kind of elastic suspension between the bones of the spine, suddenly or over time, causing further loss of strength.” According to Dr. Özsoy said, “Stretching neck or waist is a problem that occurs when we do not use our spine correctly. When deformities occur in our spine due to these muscle spasms, the balance of load distribution on our spine is disturbed. There is a more disproportionate distribution of load over the deformed area, and in these areas ruptures the intervertebral disc between the two spinal bones, which we call hernia, and overflows into the spinal canal and damages the nerve. In other words, the situation that we call flattening appears as a factor that paves the way for hernia.

Dr Özsoy, who belongs to the risk group of these diseases, said: “Those who work in heavy jobs with physical strength (such as master builders) remain motionless at the desk, work in the same position for hours, have obesity problems, smoke, osteoporosis patients, long-distance drivers who constantly vibrate their waist or neck and pregnant women”.

“If it doesn’t go away within two weeks, see your doctor”

Dr. Dr. Özsoy stressed that in the case of low back and neck pain that does not subside with rest or medical treatment within two weeks, it is imperative to consult a doctor against the possibility of other illnesses. However, Özsoy drew attention to the need not to take any medicine without a doctor’s permission. Dr. Özsoy said: “Regular 30-minute walks, swimming, getting up every 30 minutes and walking for 5 minutes if we work in an office environment, placing a lumbar support on the back of the chair or chair, not working in a fixed position with the head tilted forward, place a support under the computer case at eye level and lift it. Such details must be attended to,” he said.

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