Watch out for joint pain that never goes away! The cause may be in your gut

It is known that beneficial and harmful microorganisms live in balance in the intestine. When this balance is disrupted, beneficial microorganisms decrease over time and Candida fungus becomes dangerous by multiplying excessively. It is observed that the formation of infection in the body can increase with the proliferation of Candida fungus.

Stating that there may be a decrease in body resistance with the increase in the amount of Candida Albicans fungus, Emergency Medicine Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz Zengin stated that digestive complaints can arise when these fungi multiply in the body.

Rich said, “Intestinal fungus is made up of fungi normally found in the fluoride. The most common type of candida albicans are fungi, organisms,” he said.

Saying that one of the most common symptoms of intestinal fungus is joint pain, Zengin said: “The most common symptoms of intestinal fungus are joint pain, weakness, nausea, bloating and changes in bowel habits that don’t go away for a long time.

Anyone who reports to the hospital with these complaints should keep this in mind. The diagnosis of intestinal fungus is made by the presence of fungi in the stool test. In addition, the treatment of patients can be controlled by looking at the infection parameters. Dietary habits are very important at the beginning of treatment options. In such a case, a diet without sugar and the avoidance of alcohol should be avoided first of all.

Emphasizing that children should be kept away from sugary foods to get rid of intestinal fungus easily, Zengin said:
“We can get rid of these infections more easily, especially if we keep kids away from sugary foods called simple sugars.

Because when the infection occurs in children, there is a possibility of spreading from crowded environments at school to families and from families to society. That is why we should pay particular attention to the oral and dental health of our children. Intestinal fungus can sometimes be caused by water. We can prevent them with clean water.”

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