Watch out for sacrificial waste! Be sure to do this to stay away from parasites

Working as a general surgeon, Assoc. Dr. Türkmen Bahadır Arıkan gave information about hydatid disease, which can pass from dog to human and cause major damage to the liver.

Dr. Dr. Arıkan said, “Liver cyst disease is the formation of a cyst from the body due to the ingestion of the eggs of the parasite that lives in the intestines of dogs.

This can be passed on especially to children. At the same time, these parasites are transmitted to humans by eating foods such as lettuce and parsley, which are washed with water that comes into contact with dogs’ feces, causing disease of their bodies. This disease is not passed from dog to dog. The mode of transmission of the disease to the dog is the ingestion of raw, infected meat.

Infected organs from uncontrolled slaughtered sacrificed meat, which is seen in 60 percent liver, 20 percent lungs and all other organs. When these tissues are discarded or tossed in the trash, they become parasites in the dog’s intestines due to the dogs reaching and eating them. When we remove these infected tissues from dogs, the disease will go away on its own after a while,” he said.

Arıkan stated that the parts not used in the sacrifice should be buried in places where animals such as dogs and coyotes cannot reach, Arıkan said, “Straw animals and other animals should not be brought together if possible. In this way, this cycle is interrupted These dogs are sprayed 4 times a year by the municipal teams.

Their feces are properly disposed of. At the same time, if our children are fond of unvaccinated or unmedicated dogs, their hands should be washed with plenty of soapy water. Unfortunately, this can even be fatal. Liver transplant may be required. Depending on the organ in which it is located, vision loss and similar situations can occur. Although the liver can be treated with the catheter method, which we call the needle method, it can be observed in cases that require surgery and, unfortunately, sometimes require a transplant. This is a serious cyst disease, a serious condition,” he said.

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