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You calculate the amount of water you should drink during the day by multiplying your body weight by 40 in the summer. For example, a 70 kg person should consume 70 x 40 = 2800 mg, which is 2.8 liters of water. You can even exceed half a liter of this calculated value. Water consumption below the value found by you will certainly lead to payment.

Excess green tea leads to a payout!

Yes, you did not misread. You should consume a maximum of 2 cups of green tea, known as an edema remover, per day. Green tea consumed 5-6 cups a day can cause edema as well as other problems due to excessive caffeine consumption. In addition, even though you drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day, you will never get edema if you don’t drink as much water as you need. The same goes for white tea and black tea. Black tea is at least as good an edema remover as green tea. Each glass of black tea consumed sends twice as much water out of the body. If you drink 5 glasses of black tea a day, in addition to the water you need, you should drink another 10 glasses of water in the same size as the glass you drink. Consumption of the same amount of water is enough for openly drunk black tea.

Movement is important!

Regular exercise prevents the formation of edema because it accelerates blood circulation. The best exercise that prevents edema in summer is swimming. Especially those who travel should take a break and move every 1-2 hours. Seated employees may remain still for a maximum of 45 minutes. It should move every 45 minutes. If you work at a desk, especially in the summer months, you can make the move mandatory by placing the trash can a few meters away under your desk.

Summer fruits help with edema!

Consuming fruits and vegetables in their season is important in eliminating health problems that can occur in that season. Almost all summer fruit is water rich. Watermelon, cherry and pineapple are especially effective in eliminating edema. A total of 3-4 servings of fruit per day will prevent the formation of edema. 1 portion of fruit should weigh no more than 200 g.

Excess carbs pay off!

Sugary foods, sweets, excessive consumption of fruits, pastries increase water retention in the body and cause edema. Instead of white bread or pastries, fiber-rich foods such as oats and wholemeal flour are preferable in order not to consume too many calories and to speed up the bowels and relieve edema.

Meal consumption on time is important

If there is no regular nutrition, the blood pressure will not be regular and edema will occur. Starting the day with breakfast in the morning stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the edema. We may wake up swollen in the morning. Intestines accelerate defecation with pushing movements, especially after breakfast. Breakfast in the morning stimulates bowel movements, which we call defecation, and makes it easier to remove edema. If you don’t have the opportunity to have lunch, it is sufficient to consume 1-2 small packs of diet cookies with fiber along with 1 large pack of buttermilk. This way you can avoid excessive food intake during the evening meal.

Edema is not possible in someone who does not consume 2.5 liters of water per day, regularly exercise at least 160 minutes per week, consume regular and seasonal foods and do not drink excessive amounts of tea and coffee, unless he has other conditions.

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