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Neurology and pain specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Kemal Erdemoğlu states that lumbar disc herniation is a health problem caused by damage to the intervertebral disc, which is located between the 5 vertebrae that make up the lumbar spine. A herniated disc appears as pain due to nerve compression caused by various reasons. Improper weight lifting and uncontrolled movements can cause a hernia. If a person is heavier than the ideal weight, the risk of a hernia may increase. Sedentary living and desk work can be dangerous for hernias.

Erdemoğlu emphasizes that low back pain has more than one cause;

injuries; Spinal fractures are often the result of injuries. Low back pain can be seen due to fall from height, traffic accident, high energy accidents.

hernia; heavy lifting, prolonged sedentary work and being overweight can lead to lower back pain. Disc herniation may first manifest as leg and lower back pain. If left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems.

slipping of the waist; Due to fractures that do not heal for a long time, a lumbar shift can be observed in later life. Low back pain is often diagnosed with leg pain and leg pull symptoms.

infections; Most infections in the spine occur in the lumbar region. Smoking, malnutrition, obesity and various cancers can lead to infection.

rheumatic conditions; In addition to osteoporosis, pain, stress and metabolic problems can also cause low back pain.

Stating that neck pain is a common complaint in our society and can occur for many different reasons, Prof. Dr. While some of these are related to poor posture, such as staring at computer screens and spending too much time on mobile phones, Erdemoğlu said; some develop after various underlying medical conditions.

Neurology and pain specialist Prof. Dr. Erdemoğlu emphasizes that different neck pain can occur in different parts of the neck, and that as neck pain symptoms increase, falling asleep and activities of daily living can become difficult. Since increasing neck pain, numbness and tingling can indicate a serious underlying problem, it is imperative to consult a specialist in this area.

In both cervical disc herniation and lumbar disc herniation, the treatment methods should be determined by looking at the person and the condition of the disease.

In addition to the treatment methods to be applied, the use of swimming as support helps the treatment to proceed in a positive manner. While it is important to choose a place where their trainers can be trusted for swimming, patients should inform their trainers that they are being treated for a lumbar or neck hernia. Wrong actions can lead to difficult consequences.

The heat from the sun can help strengthen the spine and relieve pain. The early morning hours are known as the best time to take your daily dose of vitamin D.

Prof. Dr. Erdemoğlu states that in radiofrequency treatment, the goal is to turn off nerve conduction in the area where pain is experienced, and that radiofrequency can act on both the nerve and the disc. In this way, it helps reduce the person’s pain attacks. During the procedure, radiofrequency is applied to the area where pain is felt and a regulating effect is exerted on the nerve. Lasting improvements are visible in long-term and regular treatment courses.

Ozone injection is known as an effective method in the treatment of lower back and neck pain. The procedure is performed by introducing ozone gas into or around a hernia using a syringe. A certain amount of gas reduces the volume of the disc, which is designed to relieve pressure on the nerves. During the procedure, ozone is given to the area causing pain and the session is completed within 10 minutes. Long-term effective results can be achieved with regular sessions.

Erdemoğlu also emphasizes that radiofrequency therapy and ozone injection are more effective when used in combination and that patients can get rid of their pain in a short time.

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