Watch your blood sugar! permanent blindness…

Ophthalmology Specialist Assoc. dr. Selim Demir gave information about eye problems and treatment methods for diabetics. Assoc. states that diabetic patients should not delay their eye exams. Dr Demir said: “If treatment is possible, timely treatment is important. If vision fades, vision changes during the day, the difference in vision between the two eyes and he can no longer see the clarity he saw before, he should he definitely consult a doctor.”


Demir stated that the way to get a positive response to eye treatments is to control the sugar levels and blood pressure after the treatment, Demir said: “We are increasingly encountering diabetes and related eye problems in our country. The reason for this may be have been explained as a sedentary lifestyle and fast food habits, especially caused by the pandemic.

As a result, we encounter serious vision problems. The disease is characterized by damage to the arterial walls as a result of elevated blood sugar. Eye vision problems occur in the early stages of the disease. Many of our patients come to us with vision loss without realizing the disease.

That is why we ask them to go to internal medicine and hormone doctors, but also to come to the ophthalmologist in time. In other words, it is important to treat them on time and when treatment is possible. If the patient cannot see the same clarity as before, or if there is a difference in the vision of the two eyes, a doctor should be consulted without wasting time.


Assoc. stated that the measures taken in the initial period produced positive results in treatment. Demir said, “The sugar in the blood is like the lime that travels in the water pipes. Just as the lime causes permanent damage to the water pipes over time, the sugar in the blood causes permanent damage to the artery walls. Oil and blood begin to leak from the vessel wall. If measures are not taken to strengthen the vessel wall in the early period, permanent vision is not taken and problems causing nerve loss occur. The vessel wall along with blood sugar regulation. This is especially argon laser photocoagulation, that is, the process of drying the damaged area.

If this cannot be controlled, we will apply needle treatments in the eye. The goal here is to repair the damaged vessel wall by injecting medication into the eye. If this doesn’t get it under control and bleeding occurs inside, we can treat the eye damage from diabetes with a special posterior surgery called a vitrectomy. The success rate of treatments depends on the course of the disease. How much you control your blood sugar, how much you take care of yourself, how well you control your blood pressure is related.

Vision loss in the early period of the patients leads to permanent blindness in the later stages in the form of blurred vision and reduced clarity. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of permanent blindness in our country. Most diabetic patients over the age of 20 have eye problems. In many of these patients, this damage unfortunately reaches an irreversible stage.” Dr. Demir, drawing attention to the importance of an early and timely eye exam, warned, “You can prevent permanent vision loss with early eye checks.”

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