Ways to deal with fear of failure from the expert

Hours before the college exam, exam anxiety increases among college candidates. Specialist child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Hilal Aydemir, “What is exam anxiety, how do you deal with exam anxiety?” By answering questions, he gave advice to college candidates to overcome their excitement and avoid exam anxiety.

exam anxiety

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist, who stated that the situation like forgetting or not remembering the information studied and learned during the exam appeared as exam anxiety for the students. Dr Hilal Aydemir said, “It is very natural and expect your anxiety about the exam to increase and your emotional feeling to decrease. Please share your feelings in this situation and remind yourself that life is not all about exams. combat, you should listen to these recommendations. First of all, you should listen to these recommendations the day before the exam. Studying can increase anxiety even more. Because on the last day the thought of “I can’t do anything, I don’t want to be successful, I am not enough” can occur, so we recommend not studying until the last day before the exam.

Dealing with test anxiety

Talking about ways to cope with anxiety, Dr. Hilal Aydemir said, “Instead of studying, taking a hot shower, watching a happy movie, doing an anxiety-relieving activity, we can deal with anxiety more easily. It is also very important to know how to act in a crisis .Knowing when and how to do breathing exercises properly.In such a crisis situation, it will be effective to relieve ourselves and relieve anxiety.No significant changes should be made in your daily life before the exam.Your sleep and diet should be as usually are. No “We absolutely do not recommend this. We have to keep going as we have our sleep patterns and diet in our daily life. Since the changes in these two actions on exam day can cause different reactions in the student, it is necessary to be careful,” he said.

“Pay attention to sleep and nutrition”

Aydemir said, “It is helpful to have a snack before the exam. However, excessive consumption of carbohydrates should be avoided.

For many people, exam stress and exam anxiety can increase until they get to the exam booklet at the time of the exam. This is normal and expected. The best way to deal with this is to be ready for the exam and repeat it to yourself. Negative and negative thoughts can come to our mind before the exam. “What if I mess up the order, scroll, make a mistake?” When these negative thoughts come to us, you can stop the negative thoughts and give yourself the message that you are ready enough to read the questions that are not the reason for your anxiety and reduce your anxiety. I wish everyone good luck and success. Remember that regardless of the exam result, you are very valuable.”

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