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Claiming that the problem of bad breath can be caused by throat and dental problems, as well as problems in the digestive system, General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr A. Murat Koca said: “Lung and kidney disease can also cause bad breath. With bad breath coming from the stomach and digestive system, the character is generally like the smell of rotten eggs. The reason for this is sulfur, which is formed from excess acid in the stomach. In particular, Helicobacter pylori causes both gastritis and the formation of ulcers. If there is an odor such as ammonia, kidney disease should be considered. Here Are The Stomach Conditions That Cause Bad Breath General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr A. Murat Koca shared the stomach and upper digestive system disorders that can cause bad breath as follows:

– When the Helicobacter pylori balance is disrupted, gastritis, ulcers and complaints arise. It gets better when treated with medication and diet.
– Bad breath occupies an important place in the complaints that arise after food that causes reflux disease. With reflux, more odor occurs with regurgitation. At the same time, when the person is together with helicobacter, the complaints increase. The problem can be solved with proper medication and diet therapy, and surgery helps if necessary.
– Dysfunction of the gallbladder, removal of stones can cause indigestion and bad breath.
– If gastroparesis is experienced due to the slow emptying of the stomach due to a problem in the nerves of the stomach, it may smell bad. – Pyloric stenosis is a problem and narrowing of the gastric outlet valve. It is most common in infants. Vomiting, dehydration and bad breath occur.
– Irritable bowel syndrome, the increase in the number and growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines can cause bad breath. Antibiotics and dietary therapy are helpful.
– Some diseases of the small intestine, such as crohn’s, celiac disease, can cause bad breath by causing malabsorption.
– Inflammatory and parasitic diseases of the digestive system (gigardiasis) can also cause belching and bad breath. What should be done to prevent bad breath? According to General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr A. Murat Koca said: “It may even be a sign of cancer. Some measures can cure or reduce bad breath, but a specialist should be consulted,” and shared his advice to prevent bad breath:
– Avoid foods that increase stomach acidity.
– Attention should be paid to the amount of water consumed.
– Probiotics must be consumed.
– Adopting a diet that balances and relaxes the stomach and digestive system can ease or alleviate bad breath, but it must be diagnosed and treated accordingly.

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