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How do I lose weight fast?

If you want to put an end to the changing living conditions, the confusion of finding healthy food and the diet suggestions that come from every head, then Nutrition Coach Uzm. this. Listen to Selahattin Dönmez’s suggestions. You will renew yourself, apply the art of nutrition in your body and feel the changes quickly, thanks to the scientific tips applied in the diet nutrition education system and with significant results. Here’s Dr. this. Suggestions from Selahattin Donmez…

You can increase the quality of your regular exercise by creating an oxygen-rich environment in the body. This way, you can have a chance to look much thinner than the weight you lost. Here 250 ml every 20 minutes during training. Drinking water also allows you to exercise longer. Remember that plenty of water and breathing through the nose is enough. To lose weight quickly, I advise you to remember that the afternoon meal is the healthiest alternative.

How many meals should I eat to lose weight fast?

In general, the rule that individuals hear and try to implement to lose weight is the 6 meal rule. However, healthy individuals never need 6 meals. Because frequent eating suppresses some hormones, especially leptin, the satiety hormone, and causes an extraordinary imbalance in the body’s insulin balance, revealing the urge to eat. The number of meals of a balanced diet for rapid weight loss is 4. You can lose weight quickly with breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner. If you eat for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 6 hours between meals, your metabolism is regulated and your body accelerates weight loss by establishing the energy balance.

Does Drinking Lots of Water Make You Lose Weight?

I would like to explain to you another diet lie that you hear all the time. Even if someone who is overweight eats healthy, he cannot lose weight by drinking liters of water a day. The purpose of our drinking water is to maintain the body water balance and to ensure the continuity of the environment necessary for the functioning of your body. It is enough to drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, if you want to increase fat burning and not lose weight, I recommend drinking at least 13 glasses of water. In order not to reduce your body resistance while losing weight, you can drink a maximum of 2 cups of black tea per day. For the continuity of our metabolic movements, I recommend that you drink a maximum of 5 cups of green tea. Here’s another important point! Don’t believe those who say don’t drink coffee. Drinking up to 4 cups of filtered coffee per day will accelerate your weight loss. The substances caffeine and cafestol help you lose weight in a healthy way.

One of the practical ways to lose weight is walking…

The biggest mistake many people make while losing weight is walking at a fast pace. If you don’t want your weight loss to stop while you’re trying to lose weight, and if you want to look slimmer, walk at a slow pace. Slow, long walks burn 70 percent more fat than with normal exercise. My suggestion to you is to walk on the treadmill for a minimum of 70 minutes at a minimum level of 4.0 and a maximum of 5.2 levels. With the physical activity that you will do 4 times a week, you will easily lose the fat in the hips, abdomen and hips with the help of your healthy diet.

Use oxygen well and lose more weight

If you want to burn more fat during exercise, you need to develop a technique that ensures sufficient oxygen consumption. The easiest way to do this is to only breathe through the nose during the exercise.

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Eat pistachios What you eat between meals becomes more important in weight loss. Pistachio, an excellent source of copper and manganese in 1 snack, is one of the rare foods that can easily reach satiety even with such a small amount of food.

Another effective weight loss suggestion is less salt!

One of the top nutritional mistakes made is using too much salt in food. Contrary to popular belief, many people add salt to food thinking that their salt needs are met. In fact, you meet your daily salt intake with food. Remember that 1 gram of salt is about 200-250 ml in the body. retains water.

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