Ways to protect children from illness during summer vacation

Stating that it is very important to protect children from dangers and diseases in the summer season, Pediatric Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu said: “In order to be protected from traffic accidents, babies and children must travel in their own car seats in the back of the car. Children under the age of one can also travel by car for a long time, but it is important to breastfeed every two hours. Since the baby stays in the same position for a long time, it is necessary to take a break, take him out of the car and change positions to relax.

Fluid intake should not be neglected

Claiming the need to pay attention to children’s fluid intake against the effects of car and airplane air conditioners, pediatric health and disease specialist Dr. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu said: “If children go to hot climates or holiday destinations, they should not exercise excessively in the first few days. In this way, children can get used to the temperature and climatic conditions. For prolonged activities, attention should be paid to a good fluid intake. During the activity, children weighing about 30-40 kilograms should consume 150-200 cc in 20 minutes, and twice as much cold water or fluid in 50-60 kilograms. Even if your child is not thirsty, care should be taken not to drink this amount.

For children with ear problems, a doctor’s advice should be obtained before travelling.

Dr. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu said: “The pressure change that can be experienced during landing and takeoff in plane travel can cause an unpleasant sensation in the ear. For this reason, it is recommended that babies be breastfed, fed a bottle or pacifier, while older children can chew gum.

Sunscreens are important

Dr. Dr. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu, “Protect babies under 6 months from direct sunlight, a small amount of sunscreen should be applied to exposed areas such as face and hands. Ensure that children aged 7 and over stay in the shade as much as possible and are not exposed to direct sun between 10am and 4pm when the sun is at its most intense. Use the sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30 in a sufficient amount and renew it every 2 hours.

Children must be carefully supervised in the sea and pool.

Dr. Ela Tahmaz Gündoğdu said, “Make sure your child is always as far away as you can reach with your hand. If you have a pool in your yard, surround it with a railing that is longer than the child’s height. Keep a phone and rescue equipment near the pool. Avoid inflatable pool toys such as water beds,” he said.

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