We consume a lot because it is healthy, but it causes cerebral hemorrhages!

Cinnamon, which is sold open air and known as Vietnamese cinnamon, can cause internal bleeding and cerebral hemorrhage due to the presence of coumarin, a substance that is a blood thinner and can increase liver enzymes.

Phytotherapy specialist Ümit Aktaş, who warned against Vietnamese cinnamon, which sellers prefer because of its low price, said: “Cinnamon is a medicinal plant. Cinnamon itself was not a poisonous plant. Two types are used. Ceylon and cassia. Ceylon cinnamon has a more pleasant aroma and better taste. That is why it is used in foods. Cinnamon has more active ingredients and has a different taste than Ceylon cinnamon. Since cinnamon is an expensive plant, it is prepared in other ways. They come from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam Basically the same cinnamon plant, but “The processing methods are different. These cinnamon types are made from the woody part of the cinnamon plant. In Ceylon cinnamon, this woody part is removed. Normally the woody part is removed. “It is not used. But they also use the woody part to make more profit,” he said.

Aktaş said: “Ceylon cinnamon is sold for 100 lira when it costs 10 lira, and Chinese cinnamon is sold for 100 lira when it costs 1 lira. Of course, citizens who don’t know real cinnamon don’t know what cinnamon they are buying. There is” “ogenol” in it, which gives flavor to cinnamon. However, this woody part is high in amount. Contains coumarin. Coumarin can be life-threatening due to a substance that can thin the blood and increase liver enzymes. However, this substance is almost absent in Ceylon -cinnamon. Exposure to large amounts of coumarin can cause bleeding disorders and liver failure. It is toxic in pregnant women, pregnant women should not use it. “Diabetes patients use it in large amounts to lower their blood sugar levels. They need to be very careful,” he warned.

Aktaş continued:

“The herbalists should be controlled. The sale of wrong herbs should be prevented. My advice to the citizens is that they do not buy open plants. Grocers sell spices, it is not their job to treat. They should only trust their doctors. , ,Cinnamon should be consumed in closed packages, which clearly state that it is medicinal cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. “Do not trust cinnamon that you buy open. It is mixed with all the powdered spices. They try the amount of precious spice by putting a worthless spice in it. Different powders are used depending on the spice they are used for. Many powders are used, from tile powder to flour.”

In a statement on the subject, chemist and herbalist Şems Arslan said:

“Cinnamon has hundreds of benefits, besides the wrong cinnamon. There is a lot of coumarin in especially dark cinnamon. Dark-colored coumarins can cause internal bleeding. It is not recommended for pregnant women before and after pregnancy. We recommend light-colored. No cinnamon powder. In powders. It can be a mixture because it is a golden plant. If you see the light-colored plant, know that there is not much coumarin in it. Doctors do not recommend cinnamon with coumarin. is necessary to consume, especially in pregnant women, those prone to cerebral hemorrhage and heart patients, after consulting a doctor Selling such valuable plants cheaply “Even a gram of this is worth gold. It is also very important to store the cinnamon. The cinnamon that you buy in a bag, put it in a glass jar at home and store it in a cool and dark place.”

Herbalists, on the other hand, say, “To distinguish good cinnamon, you have to crush it. When you crush it, a pleasant smell spreads. The aroma gets better after brewing.”

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