We see 3-4 cases of skin cancer per week

With climate change, global warming and the increase in the number of sunny days, sun exposure is increasing, especially in summer. The ‘protect’ warning, often given by experts about the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays on the skin, urges citizens to use sunscreen in particular. Although the most effective method of protection against the sun’s harmful rays is sunscreen, there has been an increase in the incidence of skin blemishes and skin cancer, especially in recent years.

In a hotel in Antalya, Rector of Akdeniz University (AU), Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Akdeniz University, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Ömer Özkan, ‘melanoma information meeting’ held with the participation of physician specialists and physician assistants. Dr Ömer Özkan drew attention to the increase in cases at the meeting, saying that the skin, organ and tissue that takes up the most space is not getting enough attention. Claiming that the skin is important in terms of vital functions in addition to beauty, Prof. Dr. Özkan said: “When cancer is found, you do the most important treatment in the early period. Some skin cancers are preventable cancers. We come to ultraviolet challenges in a way we have never encountered before.”

prof. Dr Özkan said: “Unfortunately, there are people who come very late. There are also people who come early. We had a patient who was 3 years old. This is unfortunately one of the youngest ages seen in the literature. Tumors of “This type works at the cutting edge. What we can say about the type of cancer changes by millimeters. That patient is less than 1 millimeter thick. When it gets to 4 millimeters while 99 lives, it drops to 25 percent,” he said.


prof. Dr Özkan said raising people’s awareness could also be a factor in this. prof. Dr Ömer Özkan said: “Out of the cancer cases that we see once a month, we saw 3 cases this week, this is a major cancer. The number is increasing, I can say that the number has increased significantly. “


prof. Dr Özkan said sunlight is not the only cause of skin cancer. Claiming that skin cancer can be caused by UV in sun-exposed areas, immunity, weather conditions, additional diseases and genetic factors are effective in places that do not see the sun. Dr Özkan said: “Cancer can be seen on the body, in the mouth, in the eyes and in places where underwear is very difficult to see.”If you look at your body and see something different from the other person’s, it is that is also very important. UV is effective for some skin cancers and less effective for others. We talk about UV because it’s a simple and preventable cause.”

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