Wedge shoe trend | Type and combination suggestions

Shoes are indispensable for women. Wedges in the showcases in different models and colors attract a lot of attention every season. Women who cannot give up high heels, especially in summer, prefer padded heels. This is all about wedges.

What are Wedges?

Wedges have become popular again in the fashion world in recent years. While there are many different types of these shoes, the most distinguishing feature is the chunky heels. Wedge shoes can be just as comfortable as high heels, thanks to padding that covers all or most of the heel.

The history of wedge shoes goes back to a very old period. It is known that the first wedge shoes were used during the Ottoman Empire. At that time, wedges were worn by women and were very popular, especially in the Ottoman palace.

History of wedge shoes

Wedge heel shoes

Wedges have been a fashion staple for centuries. While heeled shoes are especially popular with women, wedges have emerged as a more comfortable and convenient option. The history of these shoes is based on fashion and style trends in many different countries and time periods.

The origin of wedge heels dates back to ancient Rome. In Rome, wedge sandals were preferred by the upper social classes. However, in the Middle Ages, when heels became more common, wedges became less fashionable.

Wedges were back in fashion at the beginning of the 19th century. During this period, the footwear industry began to develop and wedge shoes began to be produced on a larger scale. These shoes were especially popular with women and became part of Victorian fashion.

Wedge shoe types

Wedge heel shoes

With the popularity of wedge shoes, many types of wedge shoes have emerged in different designs and styles. These shoes offer many different options for men and women. Here are the different variations of wedges:

1. Platform heels

Platform heels have elevations at the front of the shoe and at the heel. These shoes create a higher heel effect and have a full sole that prevents the ankles from getting overtired.

2. Mid-calf shoes

Half-heeled shoes are characterized by a short heel that grips the ankle and creates an elevation in the heel. These shoes are often preferred as they are both comfortable and stylish.

3. Padded heels

Padded heels have a fuller appearance due to the filling material placed over all or a large part of the heel. This filling supports the ankle and provides a more comfortable experience than high heels.

4. Block heels

Block heels usually have a thick, square heel, although they vary in height. Thanks to the wide heel surface, these shoes ensure a balanced stance and a comfortable walking experience.

5. High-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are characterized by heels with a height of at least 7.5 cm. These shoes provide a leggy look and are often preferred, especially for formal or private events.

6. Short heels

Short-heeled shoes have shorter heels compared to high-heeled shoes, usually with a height ranging from 2.5 cm to 5 cm. These shoes are an ideal option for everyday wear.

How to combine wedge shoes?

Wedge heel shoes

Wedge heels have become very popular in the fashion world in recent years. Wedge shoes are seen as both a stylish and comfortable option and can be combined in many different styles. So, how to combine wedge shoes? Here are some tips for you:

With skinny jeans

Wedges are perfect to combine with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans with thin legs make the heel and fullness of the shoe more pronounced. This combination is perfect for a casual style in combination with a plain t-shirt or blouse.

With midi skirts

Midi skirts are long skirts that expose the ankles. These skirts look great with wedges. This combination is perfect for office chic with a multi-layered blouse or jacket.

With asymmetrical dresses

Asymmetrical dresses are the perfect choice to show off the heels of your shoes. Wedge shoes are ideal for a stylish evening combination with an asymmetrically cut dress.

With ankle-length pants

Ankle-length pants are shorts that expose the heel of the shoes. Wedge shoes can be comfortably combined with ankle-length trousers. This combination is a nice option for a special occasion in combination with a short blouse or jacket.

With maxi skirts

Maxi skirts can hide the fullness of the shoe. For this reason, wedges are a great option for creating a slimmer, leggy look with maxi skirts.

With shorts

Short shorts are a great option for a stylish look with wedges. This combination is perfect for a casual style with a plain blouse or t-shirt.

Information about the comfort and comfort of wedge shoes

Wedge heel shoes

Wedge heels have become very popular in the fashion world in recent years. Padded heeled shoes, which are preferred as both a stylish and comfortable option, have a large fan base among women. So, what is the comfort and convenience of wedge shoes?

First of all, wedge heels are a much more comfortable option than stiletto heels. The fullness of the heels and wide soles distribute the weight of your feet evenly, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. This minimizes problems such as fatigue and sore feet.

Wedges also often have a lower heel height than other high heels. This means less strain on your feet and ankles. Wedge heel shoes make your feet comfortable even with prolonged use.

The comfort of wedge shoes is closely related to the choice of material. The use of a soft and comfortable material on the inside of the wedge shoes ensures a comfortable walk by reducing the friction of the feet in the shoes. In addition, a cushioning material is often used on the soles of wedges. This cushioning material increases the shock absorption of your feet, making your feet feel comfortable.

What are Wedges?

Wedge shoes are the type of shoes where the heel of the shoe has a padded structure and this padding is placed on the wide sole of the shoe. Wedges are a more comfortable and comfortable option than thin-heeled shoes.

What clothes can wedges be combined with?

Wedge shoes are versatile shoes that can be worn on a daily basis as well as on special occasions. It can be easily combined with trousers, skirts, dresses and shorts. It can also be used with sportswear such as wedges and flat-soled sneakers.

How high can wedge heels be?

Wedge shoes offer different options in terms of heel height. In general, the heel height of wedges is between 5-7 cm. However, wedges with higher heels can also be found.

Are wedge heels comfortable?

Yes, wedges are a comfortable option. The cushioned structure and wide sole of the shoes distribute the weight of your feet evenly, keeping your feet firmly on the ground. This minimizes problems such as fatigue and sore feet.

In which seasons are wedges worn?

Wedge shoes can be worn regardless of the season. However, in the summer months, shoes with light colors, open toes and open heels may be preferred. Closed-toe, high-heeled, and dark-colored wedges may be more appropriate in winter.

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