We’ve been consuming garlic wrong for years! – Health news

The practical knowledge we have in the kitchen makes our lives both easier and saves. Garlic masher is one of them. There was an explanation from the experts about this tool, which is made to keep the garlic softer in the meal. In the studies of nutrient utilization, crushing of garlic and its harm occurred in the first place.

The reason garlic masher is in the first place is because it is the most natural antibiotic on the planet. Because garlic, which has a faster effect than many drugs, should pay attention to the negative conditions to which it will be exposed.

Experts stated in the study that garlic loses all its value when grated through the crusher. Experts shared the most correct method of use due to the loss of value of garlic, the vitamin function of which has been lost.

It was claimed that instead of using garlic with a crusher and losing its vitamin values, it should be crushed with a wooden spoon or wooden rolling pin. It is claimed that since the crushers are made of metal, the garlic is more likely to be exposed to chemicals. Crush the garlic horizontally and use.

Garlic is an herb known and used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. There are more than 200 chemical compounds in garlic, which is based on essential oils, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Sulfur-containing compounds in particular give garlic its pungent smell, while at the same time having many positive health effects.

Killing bacteria, fungi, parasites,
Lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in the human body,
protect the liver,

strengthen immunity,
It has been shown in many studies to have properties such as containing anti-tumor substances.

In one study, garlic consumption has been shown to lower cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels. As a result of another study, it is reported that a group of people who consume garlic have lower blood pressure than those who do not.

There are studies claiming that the sulfur compound in its content is effective in suppressing cancer development and blocking the increased cycle of cancer cells.

The place of many natural substances such as garlic in the treatment and/or prevention of cancer has been the subject of scientific literature for years. Although there are many studies on this subject, no clear conclusion has yet been reached and sufficient and accurate data have not been obtained.

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