We’ve been wrong for years: the expiration date never expires…

When it comes to meat, fish or seafood, it is of course necessary to pay attention to freshness. But especially when it comes to dry food, there are situations where you can put your heart at ease even if the date on the package has passed. Here are 13 foods that are a bit out of date but not safe for you to consume…


When the cookie gets old, it can lose its flavor and crispness. However, an unopened cookie can be eaten within a few weeks of its best before date. On the other hand, if you keep opened packages in airtight containers, remember that your cookies will go stale later.

You can store your pickles in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to two years. However, keep in mind that they will soften during this time.

As long as the taste of your chocolate doesn’t deteriorate, there’s no harm in eating it. Occasionally a white layer forms on the matured chocolate. This is because the sugar or fat in the chocolate has crystallized out and is not harmful to you.

Eggs stored in the refrigerator can be used for another three weeks from the expiration date printed on them. However, if you smell a bad smell when you break your egg, you should give up hope on that egg. You can also measure the freshness of an egg with a water test: a fresh egg sinks to the bottom, while an old egg floats.

As long as the protective foil on the yoghurt has not been opened, it will keep for two weeks from the date of sale.

The consumption period of dry pasta is long. However, if you keep your pasta packages cool, dry and airtight, you can safely eat your pasta within three years.

Hard cheeses such as cheddar do not go moldy. So you can cut the shape on the outside and continue to consume as you wish.

Milk is one of the most suspect foods, but as long as the taste and smell are not spoiled, you can use milk that is slightly past its expiration date.

The best-before dates on the packaging of canned food are quite advanced. However, if the airtightness of the can or jar is not broken, swelling etc. may occur somewhere. otherwise, and stored in a cool place out of direct light, the can can last up to four years.

The dates on the bread wrappers are based on the assumption that your bread is in the kitchen, outside. If you keep your bread in the fridge, you can keep it for at least 1 week longer.

If your vegetables have been frozen under the right conditions and stored in such a way that they never thaw, they won’t go bad no matter how much time has passed. However, the taste and texture of vegetables that have been frozen for a long time deteriorate. Therefore, try not to store your frozen vegetables for too long.


The fresher the vegetables you use to make the salad, the tastier and healthier it will be. But if you must, you can also consume your old vegetables as long as they don’t rot or go moldy.

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