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When consumed properly, fruits are a source of healing for the body. When you consume fruits, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, you help boost your immunity. However, the results of the latest study on fruit surprised everyone. By emphasizing that fruit is the right time to consume, experts have revealed that we have been consuming fruit incorrectly for centuries. Research into the most beneficial fruits in the world has produced terrible results. Reminding that fruit is consumption time, experts announced that wrong consumption has caused poison for centuries. The reason for the illnesses in this statement from the experts, who said that we have been consuming poison for years, confirmed the data. Acid base is present in 80 percent of fruits that should be consumed each season. These minerals and vitamins support the health of the body. However, when consumed at the wrong time, it poisons the body. The most recommended fruits in a healthy diet fulfill the vitamins and minerals that the body loses over time. Experts have made a statement about not consuming fruits at the desired time. Fruits should be consumed on an empty stomach. Fruits consumed on a full stomach become poison by mixing with the blood. In addition, the most correct time is noon and noon. Fruits should not be consumed in the morning and evening before bedtime. Since the body grinds the fruits quickly, their vitamin values ​​are lost. The fruits remain as waste in the body. Fruits such as banana, avocado and pineapple speed up the metabolism when consumed with coffee. Forest fruits, on the other hand, increase blood cell counts when consumed on an empty stomach.



Apple is a fruit that is widely grown in our country. While you have an abundance of apples, it is necessary to take advantage of this wealth. Adding apples to your diet list allows you to consume them between meals. The structure of apples contains a lot of fiber and water. It makes you less hungry with this feature. It is also a good choice for weight loss. It has fat burning properties. Apple prevents the sudden rise and fall of blood sugar. It keeps blood sugar levels in an ideal balance and suppresses your desire to eat heavy sweets.


A delicious summer fruit that helps the body get rid of toxins. It adds health to your health thanks to its vitamins, minerals and high antioxidant content. It helps reduce stress with its calming effect. The beneficial effect on the digestive system is a bonus. If you want, you can consume 10-15 fresh strawberries in your snacks. It also helps you stay full and meet your sugar needs.

3- FIG

Figs keep you feeling full for a long time and help the digestive system work regularly. It prevents constipation as it regulates bowel movements. 1 large fig is only 55 calories. Moreover, it helps you to be healthier with its beneficial nutritional elements. At the same time, it helps prevent edible foods from being stored as fat. You can easily eat one large fig in your snack.


When pear is consumed regularly, it strengthens immunity and protects against diseases. Pear, which regulates high blood pressure and cholesterol, is a great source of vitamin C. By ensuring the regular functioning of the digestive system, pear facilitates the excretion of edema and toxins accumulated in the body. Pears make you feel full all day long. Pear, which balances blood sugar levels, prevents sudden sweet crises. It supports fat burning by speeding up the metabolism.


Apricots support both weight loss and skin health. By consuming apricots, you can prevent wrinkles and premature aging. Apricot contains a lot of vitamins E and C. These vitamins make apricots a powerful antioxidant. Thanks to its fibrous structure, apricot ensures regular functioning of the digestive system. Apricot, which helps in weight management, soothes hunger crises. You can also consume dried apricots, which have a filling function.

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