What Are Hair Clips? How to attach hair clips? Care advice

Every woman wanted her hair to look fuller and longer. But growing hair is a long process and requires patience to get results. Therefore, clip-on hair has become very popular in recent years. These artificial hairpieces can help you get fuller and longer hair quickly and easily. Since clips come in a variety of colors and shapes, it is possible for anyone to find an option that suits their style. In this content, we have answered the questions about hair clips.

What Are Hair Clips?

The appearance of thin and weak-looking hair bothers some women. That’s why women use snaps. Snaps are hair clips that consist of 8 different parts and are attached to the hair using a clasp. Snaps make women’s hair look denser. Easy to put on and take off thanks to the buckle.

Each piece is prepared in different sizes. There are different parts consisting of small and large sizes. The reason why the clips are different sizes from each other helps to attach them to different parts of your head. The place of use of each part is certain. Clip-on hair is worn on the nape, on the sides of the ears, on the top of the ears, on the top of the head.

What are the pros and cons of clip-on hair?

What you need to know about hair clips

Clip-in hair is one of the most popular hair extension methods in recent years. These artificial hair pieces are easy to wear and look natural. However, hair clips have both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Easy to install: Hair clips can be easily put on and taken off your hair. Therefore, it is an ideal option when you want to quickly change your hair, especially on special occasions or a special event.
  • Affordable: Clip-in hair is cheaper than other hair extension methods. So if your budget is limited and you don’t have enough patience to grow your natural hair, clips can be a viable option for you.
  • Available in different models: Hair clips are available in different colors, lengths and shapes. Therefore, it is possible for everyone to find an option that suits their style.


  • Risk of unnatural appearance: Hair clips may not be compatible with your natural hair and may look artificial. That is why it is important to choose the right color and length of clips.
  • Required maintenance: Clip-in hair needs care just like natural hair. You should be careful while washing and blow-drying your hair, and it should be combed regularly just like your natural hair.
  • Carry risk: Clip-on hair can fray or even break with frequent use. To protect your hair, it is therefore important to take proper care and avoid frequent use.

What should be paid attention to when choosing clip-on hair?

What you need to know about hair clips

Hair clips can be a great option for lengthening or adding volume to your hair. However, choosing the right clip-on hair is important to get natural and beautiful looking hair.

1. Color matching

It is important that your clip-on hair is in harmony with your natural hair. Choosing the right color preserves the natural look of your hair and prevents an artificial look. Clips are usually sold in different shades of color. Therefore, it is best to choose the one that is closest to the color of your natural hair.

2. Length

The length of the hair clip should match the length of your natural hair. If you choose too long or too short, you can get an artificial look. The length of the hair clip is also important for creating the right style. For example, if you want a layered cut, your clips should be different lengths.

3. Quality

Clips are available in different qualities. Quality clip-on hair looks more natural and lasts longer. Lower quality clips can wear out faster and lose their natural look. Therefore, choosing a quality clip can be a better investment in the long run.

4. Ease of use

When choosing hair clips, it is important to pay attention to ease of use. Clips of the correct size and shape can be easily removed on and off your hair. It should also be easy to manage when washing or styling your hair.

5. Brand preference

Clips are produced by different brands. Each brand has different quality and price options. It is important to choose reliable brands.

How to attach hair clips?

What you need to know about hair clips

Clips are a popular option for long hair or for a fuller look. It is important to wear the clips correctly, otherwise they can detract from the natural look.

1. Choose the right size

Hair clips come in different sizes and shapes. It is important to choose the one that suits the length and shape of your hair. Remember that for your clip-on hair to look natural, it should be worn close to the scalp.

2. Prepare your hair

Wash and dry your hair before putting on the barrettes. Then brush and style your hair. This helps clip-in hair hold better and look natural.

3. Wear hair clips

Before putting on the barrettes, loosen part of the back of your hair. Place the upper part of the hair clips in this section and then close the lower part upwards. Gently pull and check that the clips are in the correct position. Also, brush in the same direction as your hair so that the clip-in hair looks natural.

4. Cut hair into clips

You may need to cut the length of your hair clips to match the length of your natural hair. Use clippers or a shaver to set the correct length of hair clips.

5. Shape it

Before styling your clip-on hair, brush it gently to blend it with your natural hair. Then create the right style using hair styling products.

How to care for clip-on hair?

What you need to know about hair clips

Clip-in hair needs care just like your natural hair. Proper care ensures that the hair lasts longer and retains its natural appearance.

1. Wash regularly

Washing cut hair regularly helps keep hair clean and healthy. However, excessive washing can cause hair to dry out and become dull. Washing once or twice a week is enough to maintain the natural look of the hair.

2. Use Conditioner

It is important to use conditioner when washing to prevent the cut hair from getting tangled. When applying conditioner, keep it away from the roots as this can make hair slippery and cause hair to fall out.

3. Brushing

Clip-on hair looks better when brushed well. However, excessive brushing can cause hair to tangle and break. Before brushing your hair, you can use hairspray or hair oil to loosen tangles. Then gently brush your hair and style it without damaging the strands.

4. Drying

You can use a hair dryer to dry the hair clips. However, excessive heat can cause hair damage. Drying at a lower temperature and keeping the hair dryer away from the hair will keep frizz-free hair healthy.

5. Night care

To keep the cut hair healthy, you can use a special care to prevent the hair from tangling at night. Sleeping with your hair braided or in a ponytail will help keep it tangle-free and healthy.

6. Professional care

Regular professional care of your cut hair will help your hair last longer and maintain its natural appearance.

What is cut hair?

Hair clips are artificial hairpieces that you can add to your own hair. It makes your hair fuller and longer.

In which situations can clip-on hair be used?

Barrettes can be used in any situation where you want to make your hair look fuller or longer. It is often used in special occasions, weddings, birthdays, proms, parties and similar events.

How to choose hair clips?

When choosing clip-in hair, you should choose the one that suits your hair type, color and thickness. In addition, quality hair is preferable.

How to attach hair clips?

There are different ways to wear hair clips. The most common method is to make a small braid at the top of your hair and clip or secure the hair at the top of this braid with a bobby pin.

How should hair clips be cared for?

Shaved hair should be brushed, washed and moisturized regularly. In addition, an appropriate storage method must be used.

Is cutting hair harmful?

The clipping hair itself is harmless. However, it can damage your hair if applied incorrectly and not cared for.

How to remove hair clips?

Hair clips can be easily removed using a special click opener or tweezers. Be careful not to pull your hair.

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