What Are Menstrual Symptoms? How is it understood in advance that there will be a period (menstruation)?

What Are Menstrual Symptoms?

Women have menstrual symptoms. The period of menstruation is called menstruation or menstruation among the people. During this period, intrauterine contractions occur in women. Unfertilized eggs and dirty blood are also thrown out by bleeding. In addition, some dirty tissues and cells can be removed from the body during menstruation. Menstruation also brings some changes in the body.

As a result of these changes, hormonal and physical changes occur. In addition, the symptoms of menstruation vary from person to person. During menstruation, symptoms such as abdominal pain, swelling in the abdomen, headache, constipation, loss of appetite and excessive thirst are observed. During this period, along with the desire to eat sweets, fatigue and swelling in the breasts appear. One of the symptoms of menstruation is sudden mood swings in women.

How is it understood in advance that there will be a period (menstruation)?

Some symptoms are seen before the onset of menstruation in women. It is easy to understand that menstruation will occur during this process. Symptoms of menstrual bleeding appear 4 or 5 days before menstrual bleeding begins. Accordingly, women often experience severe abdominal pain. Women have a desire to eat sweets. Women have intrauterine contractions. For this reason, the pain in the abdominal area also increases. In some cases, these abdominal pains can become unbearable. These symptoms vary from person to person. Some women feel no pain during their periods.

Women have swelling in their breasts. In addition to mental changes, eating habits also change. Accordingly, more chocolate and sweet foods are consumed. Symptoms of the premenstrual period can vary depending on the genetic structure. In women, swelling occurs in the breast area. In addition, psychological variability also manifests itself.

What Causes Pain During Menstruation?

There are many causes of menstrual pain in women. Due to the lack of fertilization in the uterine wall, which is prepared for the development of the baby, this bleeding is excreted by the body. The uterus, also known as the uterus, appears as a muscle tissue. When this muscle tissue begins to contract, menstrual cramps occur. Menstrual pain is more common, especially in the first days of menstruation.

The menstrual pain that women feel as a result of the menstrual cycle is called primary dysmenorrhea. There are many different reasons why menstrual pain can be felt severely. In particular, cervical stenosis, chocolate cysts, and non-cancerous hard and large cysts can also cause pain during menstruation. In addition, pain can occur during menstruation due to adenomyosis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Who has more painful periods?

Menstrual cramps are more painful for some people. Especially in people younger than 30 years and smokers, menstrual pain is severe. In addition, women who enter puberty early and those with irregular menstrual bleeding may experience severe pain during their periods. People with a family history of menstrual cramps also have heavy periods.

People with a heavy menstrual period can consult a specialist doctor. In addition, these pains can be reduced by using a hot water bag at home. It is intended to prevent menstrual pain by drinking chamomile and lemon balm teas in particular. In addition, if menstrual pain is severe in women over 25 years old, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor without wasting time.

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