What are Psychosomatic Disorders? List of psychosomatic diseases..

What are Psychosomatic Disorders?

Although psychosomatic diseases are actually a mental disorder, it is possible to say that they also cause physiological symptoms in the person. Psychosomatic conditions also cause you to feel pain.

It is also possible to say that the disease is psychological if the tests performed under the supervision of the doctor are good. It is possible to say that people with this condition will have excessive emotional states, loss of fear and excessive thoughts.

What is a Psychosomatic Disorder?

Psychosomatic disorders can be expressed as a physical manifestation of a problem that arises in the person for psychological reasons by reflecting on the body. In the event that a person suffers due to damage to the soul, it means the incarnation of pain.

An internal distress in the person’s body causes a disease in the individual’s body. It is possible to say that if people throw their problems into themselves, then the disease will determine an organ for itself and make an organ in the body sick.

What Are the Causes of Psychosomatic Disorders?

It is possible to say that there are many reasons for the appearance of psychosomatic disorders. Especially in his inner world;

  • to be disappointed,
  • to feel guilty,
  • being angry with people
  • to hate and easily bear a grudge,
  • feel anger,
  • Insecurity,
  • To live a life in fear and anxiety,
  • Not being able to accept a situation experienced in light of an event,
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Jealousy and excessive sadness can cause illness.

What Are the Symptoms of Psychosomatic Illness?

Another name for the disease is known as somatoform disorders. Conversion disorder can be defined as a condition that affects both the body movements and the senses of the person. Although it is actually a mental disorder, it also causes neurological symptoms as if the person’s illness has a physical cause.

It is possible for people with the disease to experience sudden seizures, paralysis, or blindness. Body dysmorphic disorder can be defined as small breasts, facial wrinkles, or size or shape abnormalities in some parts of the body.

The state of seeing it as a defect becomes an obsession in the person. This situation causes a lot of anxiety in the person. As a result, disruptions in the normal functioning of the person’s daily routines can occur.

List of psychosomatic illnesses

Psychosomatic illnesses can be classified in 3 general ways. It is a mental illness and causes physical complaints. One of the major disorders among psychosomatic disorders is known as somatoform disorders. It is also known that the physical causes of this condition have a psychological origin.

The first type: It includes people with both mental and medical conditions.

The second type: It covers a psychological problem such as depression following the treatment of a medical illness.

Third type: somatoform disorders.

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