What are the benefits and harms of sage? What are the side effects of sage?

What are the benefits and harms of sage?

It is a plant that benefits people by coming to the fore with the benefits it provides. People looking for a natural treatment method for some health problems may prefer such plants. Natural plants have been called numbers since ancient times. With the contribution of these medicinal plants to health, the human body can turn into a more resistant structure. Many people try to learn about its benefits by researching sage. The benefits of sage for the human body can be listed as follows;

Beneficial for depression

Improves brain functions

It’s soothing

It reduces stress

Strengthens memory

Balances blood sugar levels

Runs the gallbladder regularly

slows down aging

Good for sore throat

Used for mouth sores

Good for dental infections

Prevents headaches

Protects against fungal infections

Regulates menopause

It is good for diarrhoea

Regulates the digestive system

Used against graying of hair

Reduces sweating

The benefits of sage for humans can be listed as follows. It is a plant known to be good for many other diseases. It is a type of tea that has been preferred and widely used since ancient times. It is very good for human health by coming to the fore with the benefits it offers. It is one of the natural treatment methods used in some diseases. It is particularly effective in dealing with stress. People with stressful lives will reduce stress with sage consumption. It is a very useful herb in case of body pain or infection.

In addition to the benefits of sage, it can also be harmful in some cases. This damage is as follows;

Enables breast enlargement in men

Reduces men’s sexual desire

Produces excess estrogen

If too much is consumed, semen quality decreases.

Can change the heart rhythm

Heart patients should not consume too much

What are the side effects of sage?

Sage is an herb widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The contribution of this plant to the human body, which has survived from the Middle Ages to the present day, is quite high. There are about 5,000 different types of sage tea. The use of sage, which is known to be good for many diseases, is increasing day by day. It is a subject that many people wonder about how people benefit from these types of tea. It is a type of tea that can attract everyone’s attention with its special smell and smell.

If sage is consumed in excess, some side effects may occur. These effects can cause major reactions in the human body compared to consumption. Especially if heart patients consume too much, health problems can arise. While beneficial, there are potential side effects if consumed in excess. It can cause a lot of problems, especially in men. Sage is known for reducing sexual desire and can have a lot of influence on men in this regard.

How much sage should be consumed?

Sage is one of the herbs among the medicinal herbs. However, with its health effects, excessive consumption can also cause health problems. Excessive use during the day can lead to possible side effects. As with any food, excessive consumption can impair human health functions. It is recommended not to consume more than the amount determined during the day. Many people increase consumption due to the fact that it provides healing and causes harm.

How to grow sage?

Known as a medicinal plant, sage can be easily grown both indoors and outdoors. Those who want to grow sage usually buy a small plant and reproduce it. These plants, which are usually planted in May, can reach the desired level in a short time. Sage usually blooms two or three times a year. It is very important to add seeds to each pot and water every day.

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