What are the benefits of leech for the skin? Who is leech therapy recommended for?

What are the benefits of leech for the skin?

The leech is a creature with suction cups on its tail and head to suck up blood. The leech can suck up to 8 times its own weight in blood. The history of using leech as a treatment dates back to ancient Egyptian times.

Leech therapy is performed with leeches placed on areas of the body where there is discomfort. Leeches help treat the disease with the fluid they secrete as they suck up the blood in the diseased area.

The secretions of the leech contain enzymes that prevent blood clotting, dissolve clots, relieve pain, relax muscles, strengthen the immune system and have antibacterial properties. Leech therapy has especially positive effects on skin health.

The benefits of leech for the skin can be listed as follows:

Leech helps to remove skin spots on the face.

It helps eliminate the blackhead problem.

It helps smooth out wrinkles on the skin.

Leech therapy helps to care for the blood circulation of the skin and ensures the regeneration of cells.

It helps to relax and relieve physical pain on the skin.

It helps clear inflammation and infections in the body.

It helps to remove red spots on the skin.

It helps to pass the heirs.

Leech therapy is effective on all types of sun spots and acne marks on the skin.

It ensures skin regeneration, whitening the color of the skin and reducing wrinkles.

Who is leech therapy recommended for?

Leech therapy can be used alone or in addition to modern medical treatments. The use of leech therapy is recommended for the following conditions.

panic attack treatment

depression treatment

Varicose veins treatment

Treatment for skin rejuvenation

Treatment of eczema, acne and psoriasis

Anti aging treatments

Treatment of headaches and migraines

Treatment of wounds caused by diabetes

What are the benefits of leeches for the skin?Who is recommended for leeches therapy?

Dizziness and tinnitus

Vascular occlusion treatment

Neck hernia and pain

Lumbar disc herniation and pain


knee pain

Nervous diseases

Treatment of vascular disease

Treatment of nerve root inflammation

hemorrhoid treatment

Surgical scars and scar treatment

cellulite treatment

Treatment of breast cysts and mastitis

kidney inflammation

Problems with kidney stones and kidney sand

Metabolic diseases

Gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder

Treatment of rheumatic diseases

Thyroid treatment

Treatment of goiter and gout

Leeches used for treatment should be personal. Leech therapy should be applied by a specialist doctor. Improper application of the leech can lead to many serious conditions, from nerve and lymph damage to infections and infectious diseases.

Medical leeches are exported from Samsun to the world

Medical leeches are exported from Samsun to the world

Leeches are threatened with extinction

Leeches are threatened with extinction

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