What are the benefits of the call? What is it good for? What does Cagla do? Lesser known benefits of Cagla

What are the benefits of the call?

Çağla is a fruit that can only be seen for 20 days in spring, but its benefits are countless. Çağla, the absence of apricot and almond kernels, is a sour and unpleasantly sweet fruit that heralds spring. The main advantages of the call are as follows:

– It lowers cholesterol and is the enemy of bad cholesterol.

– It prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder.

– It is a source of vitamin C.

– It has a function of balancing blood pressure.

– It speeds up the metabolism.

– It is a powerful antioxidant.

– It has the function of relieving muscle contractions and cramps.

– It prevents the formation of inflammation.

– It is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Age, a solid food, is also a preferred dietary food.

What is Cagla good for?

The cascade fruit grown in brown soils contains all the vitamins and minerals in these soils. In some regions it is called green almond. There are a lot of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in Çağla. Çağla strengthens the immune system. Containing high doses of vitamins C and E and selenium, the pineapple fruit protects against cancer as well as being a great support for the body during cancer treatment. It is an effective protector against heart disease with its high magnesium content.

What does Cagla do?

Çağla is very beneficial for skin health with its vitamin E content. Vitamin E prevents acne and acne formation. The mask obtained from the green tea reduces wrinkles and aging. The main answer to the question of what is the use of a green berry is that it strengthens the immune system during the transition from winter to spring with the selenium and phosphate it contains. The cascade fruit acts as a shield against disease, expelling all the free radicals accumulated in the body through the urinary tract, with the antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

Çağla fruit provides one-to-one benefits in fluid imbalance in the body, especially during seasonal transition periods. Çağla has a liquid that provides 40% of the daily amount of water. By consuming a plate as a consumption amount, the body can easily meet this need. With the effect of accelerating metabolism, the waterfall has a high fiber ratio. With this high fiber ratio, it increases the beneficial bacteria in the intestines and provides a probiotic effect.

Lesser known benefits of Cagla

Some of the lesser known benefits of the berry are as follows:

– Diabetics are fruits with a low glycemic index due to their sour taste and high fiber ratios.

– It is used for makeup removal, nail, hand and foot care.

– Increases milk production of pregnant people and aids in baby development.

– It reduces symptoms such as insomnia and dizziness.

– It has relieving properties for ear pain.

– Strengthens the nerves.

– Benefits are seen in bronchitis, sore throat, sore throat and lung diseases.

How many calories are in a waterfall?

It is curious how many calories are in the waterfall. The calorie amounts in the waterfall are as follows:

– 1 casserole: 11 calories

– 10 Teas: 115 calories

– 20 Teas: 229 calories

– 1 serving of tea: 160 calories

– 100 grams of tea: 557 calories

Does Cagla Make Weight Gain?

Çağla is a valuable fruit that you can enjoy for only 20 days all year round. There are about 160 grams of calories in 30 grams of waterfall, and this healthy fruit helps to lose weight by consuming it in snacks or salads.

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