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The area from the lower eyelid, into the nose, outside the front of the ears and below the corner of the mouth is called the midface. The most prominent anatomical region of the midface is ossification. Chubby cheekbones are a sign of youth. A rounded midface that tapers to the lips is an ideal look.

Due to a low mid face, the person looks older than he is.

The midface area is important for maintaining facial balance and harmony. The harmony of this region adds a sense of youth, vitality and beauty to the person. In this way, it positively affects the general appearance of the person.

One of the most distinctive features of the center of the face are the cheeks and cheekbones. While the cheeks symbolize the fullness and youthfulness of the face, the cheekbones help define the features. However, the forehead area is above the eyebrows and is part of the eyebrow crease that determines facial expression. The eyelids are often the first area to show signs of aging.

Fat islands that make the face fuller lose volume as they age. In addition, downward sagging occurs as a result of the loosening of the ligaments that hold these fat islands in place. The trapped fat island and the cheek fat island begin to separate from each other. At the same time, a halo-shaped groove forms under the eye due to the loosening of the membrane that holds the fat under the eyes. As cheek fat continues to decrease, the depth of the grooves on the sides of the nose increases. At more advanced levels, there are pockets on the chin edges.

How can we prevent the signs of aging?

Lifestyle changes and skin care treatments can reduce the effects of low mid-face and rejuvenate your appearance. In particular, reducing sun exposure, limiting smoking and alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise can help. Regular skin care, skin rejuvenation treatments and the use of the right skin care products are also important.

Despite all this, due to aging in the facial area, deformations can occur in the areas considered to be the center of the face. These deformations can have negative effects on the skin, adipose tissue and bone structure. As a result of all these negative effects, the person may look older and more tired than they are.

The Trinity lift method, which will be applied to the old and tired appearance, can eliminate the deformations on the face and give the person a younger and more aesthetic appearance.

Trinity Lift, as the name suggests, is derived from the word “tri”, which means it gives a three-point lift and tightens the skin. This procedure usually leaves the skin looking younger and more vibrant.
This method corrects deformities under the eyes and restores lost cheek tissue.

The healing process varies from person to person, but is usually completed within 7 to 10 days.

The effect of the procedure can last 5 to 10 years, but this period depends on a person’s lifestyle, skin type and genetic factors.

It is suitable for young and middle aged patients, but it is important to consult an aesthetic and plastic surgeon if this type of procedure is being considered.

Because each individual’s skin condition and expectations are unique, professional assessment and guidance is essential to achieve the best results.

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