What are the correct cooking techniques?

The glycemic index reflects the effect of food on blood sugar levels. Since the effects of the glycemic index occur simultaneously with their digestion from the gut, rapid digestion of food produces a high glycemic index response and raises blood sugar much faster. For this reason, it is recommended not to consume foods with a high glycemic index. Healthy Life Consultant Neslihan Sipahi said: “If the right foods are not prepared under the right conditions, they can have unexpected effects. A lot of research has gone into this and the right cooking techniques have been determined. While healthy cooking methods vary by dish, cooking, baking and grilling is generally the most recommended methods.

cooking method; It is a very suitable cooking method, especially for diabetics and people who eat healthily. Since it has no added oil or sauce, it is processed with the food’s own juice and normal water. But what should be taken into account in the cooking method is that the glycemic index of foods increases as they are cooked. For this reason, it is recommended to keep the cooking time of starchy foods (e.g. potatoes) short. In some countries, the semi-boiling method is used to extract more efficiency from starchy foods. It is the process of cooking food shorter than normal by throwing it into boiling water. It is important not to spill the boiling water to prevent loss of vitamins and minerals.

Grid method; It is a good cooking alternative, especially for meat, chicken, fish, etc. In this cooking technique, food is cooked on a preheated oil-free pan or grill. But to be able to cook healthy; Care must be taken that the food does not come into direct contact with fire, is not exposed to the smoke from the grill, that the pans to be used are hygienic and robust, that the cooked meat group is medium-rare and that it is cooked in its fullest consistency is cooked over medium heat, not high or low heat. Because the food prepared under these conditions is sealed, the vitamins and minerals are retained and the loss of nutrients is prevented.

baking method; It is one of the most recommended cooking techniques in diets. As with the grilling method, there is no loss of vitamins and minerals and no loss of nutrients. The food prepared in this way is cooked in the oven at a suitable temperature and is ready to be eaten. In the studies conducted on potatoes in terms of glycemic index, it was found that the glycemic index of potatoes baked in the oven is lower than boiled, crushed, baked potatoes. It is very important to minimize the heat applied to the food and cook it by reducing the fat ratios to obtain healthier food. The oven temperature should be adjusted according to the food to be cooked. Cooking the food using very oily methods such as keeping the food in water before cooking, pouring the water, dressing the food, mashing after cooking and frying increase the glycemic index of the food and unhealthy consumption. In a study conducted with the frying process, it was found that there was an increase in the glycemic index of fried foods, especially after they were cooled. As a result of all these, it can be said that after the selection of foods suitable for the diet, cooking with proper cooking technique has positive effects on the diet.

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