What are the diseases seen with zinc deficiency?

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential element for all cell and tissue functions. In other words, zinc is necessary for cell growth and proliferation. It is also known that it is the most abundant element in the organism after iron. Some benefits of zinc are as follows;

– Provides physical growth.

– Protects hair and skin health.

– Plays an important role in nail health.

– Provides significant wound healing support.

– It has a positive effect on the senses of sight, smell and taste.

– Regulates intestinal function.

Zinc is known to have many more effects in addition to the benefits mentioned above. So it should not be forgotten that it is an important element. When this important element is missing, it is inevitable that a person will be exposed to diseases.

What are the diseases seen with zinc deficiency?

Symptoms of zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency actually brings many symptoms. Many factors can be regarded as indications for this. However, some symptoms help make zinc deficiency easier to understand. Common symptoms of zinc deficiency are:

– Rough and dry skin.

– Visual disturbances.

– Nail diseases.

– The appearance of diarrhea.

– Sensitivity to light.

– Anorexia.

– Disturbances in the sense of taste and smell.

– The development of frequent infections.

When the symptoms of zinc deficiency are observed, it is useful to take urgent measures. Red meat, legumes, shellfish and nuts are especially rich in zinc. Of course, for zinc deficiency, necessary treatments should be applied with the help of a specialist. It can accordingly be taken in food in a controlled manner.

What are the diseases seen with zinc deficiency?

Zinc deficiency occurs due to cancer, alcohol addiction, malnutrition, chronic diarrhea and many more. When zinc deficiency occurs, of course, the onset of some diseases is observed. Zinc deficiency causes the following diseases;

– Infectious diseases.

– Change in intestinal functions.

– Anemia.

– Hair loss.

– Sexual dysfunctions.

– Autoimmune diseases.

Zinc deficiency is an important condition that causes many problems. We can say that it is dangerous for children. Zinc deficiency mainly causes the following disorders in children;

– Delayed puberty.

– Growth stop.

– Have learning difficulties.

As you can see, zinc deficiency is a problem for people of all ages. For this reason, people with zinc deficiency symptoms should take precautions as soon as possible. Thus it becomes possible to solve the problem.

Zinc deficiency is extremely rare in people with a balanced diet. Because the person is regularly fed with different product categories. This helps prevent zinc deficiency.

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