What are the effects of the sun on hair? – Health news

In summer, our hair becomes sensitive to many abrasive effects; sunbeams, sea and swimming pool water stand out. In addition, conditions such as chemical and heat treatments, excessive combing and even iron deficiency can lead to the deterioration of hair health.

Sun rays can damage hair health

Sun rays are one of the reasons that mechanically damage our ultraviolet hair. In the summer months, if our hair is exposed to direct sunlight without protection, our hair’s cuticle layer gets damaged and our hair breaks and breaks, our hair gets electrified easily, we struggle to give a dull-looking shape, and indirectly hair loss is also triggered.

How can we keep her healthy in the summer?

Maintaining your hair’s moisture balance is the key to shiny and healthy hair throughout the summer. In summer, the moisture balance of your hair can be negatively affected by the fluctuations of temperature and humidity. For this reason, we should take a little more care of our hair in the summer months, we can use protective oils on our hair while going out in the sun.

In addition, we must use creams that do not wash out after the hair washing process, it is useful not to neglect weekly moisturizing masks.

In addition, it is important to use products that are suitable for your hair type. Depending on the characteristics of your hair, they have different needs for moisturizing and nourishing properties. While shampoos and conditioners with intense moisturizing properties can be used for dry hair, mild, oil-regulating products for oily hair can provide protection without damaging the hair’s structure.

The sea and the pool can damage the hair!

The salt in the sea and the chlorine in the swimming pool also have a drying and abrasive effect on the hair. To avoid these problems, after leaving the sea and pool, the hair should be shampooed and a moisturizing conditioner and a non-rinse conditioner (conditioner) should be used.

The use of leave-on moisturizers and masks should not be interrupted.

In the summer months, no-rinse moisturizers and weekly masks are very important to protect our hair from the negative effects of the sun as well as sea and pool water. More intensive moisturizing and structuring treatments can be applied in more professional centers.

If the hair is processed, exposed to dyeing and bleaching processes, sun and sea damage the hair more. In this case, one of the routines of our hair care should be the care done in these centers. In addition, cutting our hair 1-2 cm every month will also contribute to the health of the hair.

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