What are the functions of the circulatory system? What does the circulatory system do in the body?

What is Circulatory System?

For the heart to work, blood must be pumped around. The circulatory system plays an important role in the functioning of this system. The nutrients and oxygen that are absorbed into the body system are converted. The result of the conversion is the source for energy production. But there is some garbage. The circulatory system ensures that these waste products are removed from the body.

There are some substances that must be absorbed into the body in order for humans and animals to survive. Minerals, oxygen and food are absorbed into the body. The body synthesizes all these substances. The waste products of the synthesized substances are excreted through the bloodstream. It has an open and closed circulatory system.

Circulatory system in humans

The human heart works throughout life. Even if the heart stops for 2 minutes, it causes serious brain damage. The human circulatory system is divided into the lungs and the circulatory system. The circulatory system in the human body has its own pump. Separate pumps come together in one organ.

The blood returns from the body tissues and goes to the right atrium. The muscles of this chamber contract and the blood is directed to the right ventricle. After the contraction here, the blood passes into the pulmonary artery. From here it is transported to the veins. Oxygen enters the blood, while carbon dioxide passes through the blood. The cleaned blood is sent to the left atrium.

What are the functions of the circulatory system?

There are three organs that make up the circulatory system in the human body. The heart forms the blood and vascular system. The heart is located in the middle of the two lungs in the body. The heart is made up of muscles. The main function of the heart is to pump blood around the body. This pumped heart carries nutrients and oxygen within its structure.

Blood vessels are another part of the circulatory system. Artery is divided into veins and capillaries. The system that carries blood from the heart to the body is the arteries. The vein carries the blood to the heart. Capillaries are located between the arteries and veins.

The circulatory system is the system that carries oxygen and nutrients to all organs in the body. It is located throughout the body like a net. It also directs the resulting waste to the drainage system.

What does the circulatory system do in the body?

The circulatory system includes blood, heart and blood vessels. Oxygen and vital nutrients are transported through the circulatory system. With this system it is possible to live a healthy life.

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