What are the health risks of sleeping too much?

Sleep is an essential need for human health. Sufficient, good quality sleep is essential for the proper functioning of bodily functions. However, some people complain that they don’t get enough sleep, mainly due to a busy work schedule or stressful living conditions, while others think that too much sleep is healthy. Unfortunately, too much sleep can be just as harmful as sleep deprivation. In this article, we will talk about the disadvantages of sleeping too much.

The health risks of oversleeping

An adult person sleeps between 7 and 9 hours a day. According to scientists, children and adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17 need 10 hours of sleep. Someone who sleeps more than these hours could potentially develop a variety of health problems. Regular sleep every day allows you to start the day energetically and dynamically.

1. Increases Depression

Sleeping too much has been shown to increase the risk of depression. The problem of depression, especially seen in young girls, can become an even bigger problem due to sleeping too much.

2. Deterioration of intelligence occurs

The health risks of oversleeping

Studies have shown that sleeping too much leads to a deterioration in their brain function, and it also causes their intelligence to age by two years.

3. Causes Obesity

The health risks of oversleeping

Long sleep, even for hours, is harmful to health. Another disease caused by sleeping more than necessary is obesity. According to studies conducted by scientists in 2010, it has been suggested that oversleeping will cause obesity and diabetes.

4. Causes headaches

The health risks of oversleeping

Another problem caused by sleeping too much every day is headaches. It is caused by the fluctuation of neurotransmitters in the brain.

5. Makes pregnancy difficult

The health risks of oversleeping

According to research on women, those who sleep between 9 and 11 am have been found to be at greater risk than those who sleep between 7 and 8 am.

6. Increases diabetes risk

The health risks of oversleeping

Studies have shown that people who sleep more than eight hours are more likely to develop diabetes.

7. Helps you gain excess weight

The health risks of oversleeping

According to studies, people who sleep between 9 and 10 hours are more likely to gain weight. The biggest reason for this is that without any exercise, the food is converted into fat instead of energy in the body.

8. Causes heart disease

The health risks of oversleeping

Sleeping eight hours or more can cause a number of heart problems, according to research from the Cardiology Association. Sleeping too much can cause heart disease, as well as problems such as shortness of breath. Therefore, make sure that the place where you sleep has clean air.

9. Can cause premature death

The health risks of oversleeping

According to recent studies, an increase in deaths from any cause has been observed in people who sleep less or more than usual. This research was conducted and confirmed by scientists in 2014.

How many hours of sleep is healthy?

Adults usually need 7-9 hours of sleep per day. However, everyone’s sleep needs are different. Some people can also feel healthy with less sleep, while others need more sleep.

How much sleep is unhealthy?

It is generally considered unhealthy to sleep more than 9 hours a day. Too much sleep can increase your risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression and even premature death.

Why is sleeping too much harmful?

Sleep is important for our bodies to renew itself, regulate brain function and ensure we have a healthy immune system. However, too much sleep can interfere with healthy sleep quality and cause some negative effects on the body.

Is sleeping too much a sign of depression?

Yes, in some cases, too much sleep can be a symptom of depression. However, this is not always the case. Symptoms of depression can also include insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.

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