What are the must-haves in the stamp?

Document approval, authentication and authorization processes play an important role in business and official institutions. One of the tools used to ensure the reliability of these transactions and represent the formality is stamps. Stamps are stamps or seals used to seal documents, replace signatures, or represent the identity of the institution.

However, using stamps is not just a simple sealing process. There is information that must be properly and effectively stated on a stamp. This information, which should be included in the stamp, helps verify the validity, accuracy, and ownership of the document.

Information to be included on the stamp

The stamp is the seal of a company and must be used on all official documents. The stamp shows who the companies and persons belong to and also contains other information. In this content, we have collected for you what should be on the stamp and examples of company stamps.

What information should a stamp contain? In this article, we will discuss the important information that should be on the stamp and why this information is important. In addition, we discuss what should be considered in the design of the stamp, the common mistakes when using the stamp and the maintenance of the stamp.

Here is the information that should be on the official identity stamp of the companies;

What to find in the stamp

According to the new Turkish trade law, certain information to be included on the stamps has become mandatory. Information to be included on company stamps:

1. Name and title

The name and title of the registered trading company must be legibly written in a visible place on the stamp.

2. Company registration number

One of the details that must be on the stamp is the registration number.

3. Tax authorities and number

The tax office with which the company is affiliated and the tax number are other mandatory details that must be stated on the stamp.

4. Company information

Another information that must be included on the stamp is the central address, telephone and fax details of the company. This information must be such that they can be found together in the stamp.

REMARK: Person and Ltd. Both companies must have this information, but private companies must also have the name of the owner of the company written under the company name.

Stamp samples

What to find in the stamp

There are stamp types such as private company stamp, engineer stamp, nurse stamp, doctor stamp, teacher stamp, soldier stamp, police stamp, one line stamps, stamps with logo. The sample photo below shows you how to arrange your stamp.

What is Stamp?

What to find in the stamp

Stamp is a stamp or seal used to certify official or personal documents, verify identity, or show the authority of the document holder. Stamps are important tools widely used in various industries and institutions. A stamp is an engraving or impression usually placed on a block of wood, a metal or plastic body.

Stamps can be used for many different purposes. For example, it serves as a signature in official documents, companies or public institutions and ensures the correctness and formality of documents. In addition, notaries, lawyers, doctors and other professional groups also use stamps to certify their documents or verify the identity of the document owner.

Designs printed on stamps may include the institution’s name, logo, address, or other information. These designs are important to indicate the identity of the issuer. Some stamps may also have customizable fields, such as a date or a number.

Stamps usually work with ink pads or ink pads. The lower part of the stamp has a surface that absorbs the ink and transfers it to the document to be printed. When a stamp is used, the document is pressed to seal it.

The use of stamps is important to prevent document fraud and increase the reliability of documents. The process of certifying or sealing a document demonstrates the authority of the document holder and ensures the officiality of the document.

Areas of use of stamp

What to find in the stamp

Stamps are important tools with a wide variety of uses. The use of stamps is common in many sectors and organizations. Here are some of the different uses of stamps:

Companies and companies

Companies often use stamps to print official documents. Stamps may contain the company’s name, logo, and other identifying information. In this way, the authenticity of the documents and their signature by the authorized persons of the company is verified.

Public Institutions

Government offices, municipalities, courts and other public institutions use stamps in official documents. For example, the stamps used in public institutions show that the documents are valid and have the approval of the institution that issued the document.

Notaries and Lawyers

Notaries and lawyers use stamps as a sign of authority and approval. They certify signatures using stamps to ensure and verify the legality of documents.

Health Organizations

Hospitals, doctors and other healthcare facilities use stamps in medical reports and prescriptions. Stamps show the authenticity of the document and the approval of the relevant healthcare institution.

educational institutions

Schools, universities and other educational institutions use stamps to certify student documents, diplomas and transcripts. Stamps represent the authenticity of the document and the institution’s approval.

Financial Institutions

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions use stamps to sign and verify documents. For example, stamps are common in transactions such as applying for loans, opening bank accounts, and insurance policies.

Other institutions and professions

Stamps are used by various institutions, with the exception of certain professional groups such as notaries and lawyers. These institutions include real estate companies, logistics companies, hotels, travel agencies and many more sectors.

What information should the stamp contain?

Stamps usually contain the following information: identifying information such as company name, date of incorporation, address, telephone number, website, tax number or trade registration number. These are important to determine which organization the stamp belongs to.

How should a stamp be designed?

The stamp design should reflect your organization’s identity and have a professional look. It should clearly contain the company logo and name and be legible. The font and size should be chosen to make the design eye-catching and understandable.

How is the stamp used?

To use the stamp, lightly press the ink pad or ink pad to absorb the ink. Then place the stamp on the right place of the document and press the stamp onto the document with a little pressure. In this way, the trace of the stamp is printed on the document and the approval process is completed.

What should be paid attention to when using a stamp?

It is necessary to pay attention to some important points when using a stamp. First, make sure you place the stamp correctly and apply the correct pressure. Also, make sure that the information on the stamp is correct and up-to-date. Care and diligence are important when using stamps.

How to clean and care for the stamp?

Periodic cleaning is essential to keep the stamp clean and functioning properly. Wipe the surface of the stamp with a cloth dampened with stamp cleaning solution or alcohol. You can use a sheet of paper or a cloth to clean up any excess ink buildup. It is also important to keep the stamp in a closed box when not in use.

How long does it take to make a stamp?

Stamp making time may vary depending on the complexity of the design, type of stamp and manufacturing process. Usually stamp making is completed within a few days. However, if you need to order a special design or a large quantity of stamps, the time may be longer.

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