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The egg, which is accepted as an example protein after breast milk, must be added to the breakfast meal. When you start the day by eating 1 egg every day, you will see that your satiety time is extended and the diet becomes easier.

Proteins of animal origin

Especially because the protein content of foods such as red meat, chicken and fish is high, the digestion time is longer and we feel full for longer. If we have no restrictions, consuming a protein group in one of our lunch or dinner meals will be beneficial both to prolong the time of satiety and to boost immunity. At the same time, adding yogurt, ayran or kefir to the meals we consume will also support the extension of the satiety period.

Dry beans

Food groups that are considered plant protein sources are high in fiber. These food groups, which replace both carbohydrates and proteins, are very beneficial foods in terms of both digestion and satiety.

Fat seeds

Since foods such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds fall into the oilseed class, the consumption of these foods supports the extension of the satiety period. Because fats stay longer in the stomach, we feel full longer.


It will be very helpful to add these low-calorie, high-fiber foods to our diet. Due to its high fiber content, it prolongs our satiety and helps balance our blood sugar levels.


For the organs to work healthily, we should consume at least 2.5 liters of water every day. Because the hunger and thirst signals are similar, we may think we are hungry when we are thirsty, and unnecessary caloric intake may be provided and our diet disrupted. To avoid this, we must ensure that we consume enough water.

Complex carbohydrates

It is not necessary to exclude the always dreaded carbohydrate sources from our diet, because they also help to prolong the saturation period. It will be beneficial to our diet to choose our carbohydrate preferences from complex carbohydrate sources such as wholemeal bread, rye bread, oats, linseed instead of simple carbohydrates.

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