What are the requirements to become a broker?

The real estate sector is a fast-growing and attractive sector. Real estate is a profession where professionals involved in real estate trading manage the buying and selling process of real estate by bringing buyers and sellers together. However, to become a broker it is necessary to have a certain broker certificate. So, how do you become a real estate broker and how do you get a broker certificate? Here we have collected the answers to these questions for you.

What is Real Estate?

Real estate is a professional group that advises on the purchase and sale of real estate and mediates between parties. Real estate agents help customers buy or sell homes based on their housing needs and economic situation. They also provide information about homes that may be of interest to customers, analyze the market and present a portfolio to customers. Brokers manage the negotiation process between the parties and ensure that real estate transactions run smoothly.

Who becomes a broker?


The real estate profession is open to anyone with a primary education diploma. However, to become a real estate agent, you must have some personal characteristics and skills. Here are some of the essentials of being a real estate agent:

1. Those with high communication skills

Brokers should be people who can communicate effectively with clients. It is important to understand the needs of customers, convey the right information to them and build a reliable relationship.

2. Discipline and Responsibility

Brokers must manage their business in a disciplined manner and be aware of their responsibilities to their clients. It is important to get to appointments on time, follow customer requirements and manage transactions in an organized manner.

3. Analytical thinking and solution-oriented

Brokers must analyze market trends, accurately assess client needs and provide solution-oriented approaches. Analytical thinking is essential to offer clients the most suitable real estate options.

What are the conditions to become a broker?


To exercise real estate activities, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must register with the Chamber of Artisans and Artisans.
  • You must be liable for income or corporation tax.
  • In the Chamber of Appeal and tax registers you must perform activities related to real estate trade.
  • You must be in possession of a level 5 diploma.

How to get broker authorization certificate?


1. Get an education

To have a brokerage certificate, you must complete at least one hundred hours of real estate training. You can get this training from the Ministry of National Education, universities or institutions and organizations authorized by the Ministry of National Education. However, this document is not required for graduates of departments of higher education institutions related to “real estate”.

2. Successfully complete the exam

After successfully completing the training process, you need to move to the exam process. You must choose which institution you prefer to have your certificate approved by. You have two options: Approved by the Ministry of National Education or Approved by the Turkish Aeronautical Association University. To receive a certificate approved by the Ministry of National Education, you must take the exam organized by the Ministry of National Education. This exam is conducted at a designated school in Ankara. To get a Turkish Aeronautical Association University-approved certificate, you must pass an online exam. You can take this exam anywhere with an internet-connected device. When you achieve a score of 50 or higher on the exam, you qualify for your preferred institutional-approved real estate license.

3. Get a level 5 certificate

To open a real estate agency, you must have Level 5 Realtor Authorization. To get the Level 5 certificate, you must first have a real estate certificate. You can then obtain a level 5 certificate by applying to the institutions or organizations determined by MYK (Vocational Qualifications Authority). This document will help you gain a higher level position in the real estate sector by proving your competencies.

Documents Required to Open a Real Estate Agency


The documents required to open a real estate agency are as follows:

1. Registration with the Chamber of Brokers

To make this registration, 5 passport size photos, an identity card sample, a tax certificate sample, a residency certificate and a diploma from the school you graduated from are required.

2. Tax and Customs Administration registration

To become a tax resident, documents such as an identity card sample, signature sample, job initiation document, certificate of residence and lease or title deed for the office must be submitted.

3. Municipal permit

In the municipality where the real estate agency will operate, the relevant form must be completed and a municipal permit must be obtained.

What education do I need to become a real estate agent?

You don’t need to get a degree to become a real estate agent. It may be enough to earn a high school diploma. However, you can improve your knowledge and skills by taking real estate training programs or obtaining real estate related certifications.

What skills should I have to become a real estate agent?

To be a good broker you need communication skills, marketing skills, analytical thinking and responsibility. In addition, it is important to have skills such as maintaining relationships with customers, following market trends and solution-oriented thinking.

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