What are the sources of stress that poison our lives?

Causes and sources of stress

We experience stress when we encounter a tense or threatening situation that forces us to change our behavior or adapt. Some life-or-death situations, such as war and natural disasters, are stressful in nature. Even events that seem generally positive, such as a wedding or promotion, cause stress because they require change or adjustment. We have researched and collected the causes of stress, what stress is and examples of stress sources for you.

Here are the causes and sources of stress that poisons people’s lives;

1. Change

Many people have a strong desire to maintain order in their lives, any event that leads to change creates stress.

2. Everyday Problems

Causes and sources of stress

Much of the stress comes from minor or everyday annoyances, which are minor annoyances, frustrations, and frustrations. The stress-inducing effect of major events cannot be underestimated, it is clear that such major events are caused by small everyday problems that are at the root of stress.

3. Block

Causes and sources of stress

Blocking also contributes to stress. We feel blocked when something or someone comes between us and our goal. The five main sources of inhibition are; delays, lack of resources, losses, failure and discrimination. These five situations, which are the source of inhibition, contribute to the formation of stress.

4. Conflicts

Causes and sources of stress

Of all the problems in life, conflict is perhaps the most common. Conflict arises when we encounter two or more incompatible wants, opportunities, needs, or goals.

5. Self-induced stress

Causes and sources of stress

Some people stress themselves even more by internalizing defeatist, irrational beliefs that unnecessarily add to the normal stresses of life. The stress created by the person in this way is independent of external forces.

6. Stress and individual separation

Causes and sources of stress

Why do some people experience a certain situation as stressful, while others can handle the same situation calmly and without fuss?

Stress-resistant people share a personality trait called resilience; People with this trait are said to have a tendency to see difficult situations as an opportunity rather than a threat. It has been found that people who feel that events are under their control are much less prone to stress than those who feel powerless in the same situation.

7. Death of Spouse or Relative

Causes and sources of stress

The death of a loved one is a major source of stress. This rate can vary depending on how much the person loves the deceased and how deep their feelings are. Receiving the news of the death of a loved one can be a source of long-term stress. This situation can arise from stress and cause a mental disorder.

8. Divorce

Causes and sources of stress

Divorce is one of the most stressful moments between couples. If the couple has children, this stress can increase even more. Apart from the routine days, it is normal for a person to be more stressed than necessary because a new life is about to begin. Divorced people are in a constant state of fear and unease. But they don’t reveal this to anyone.

9. Retirement

Causes and sources of stress

Older people may experience retirement syndrome when they retire. When he starts a life other than his day job, he has a lot of trouble at first and inevitably gets stressed. Many questions come to his mind and he thinks that no one cares, that he has lost his efficiency.

10. Adding someone new to the family

Causes and sources of stress

If someone is taken into a family in adulthood, no matter how much relatives love that person, they will definitely experience stress. They get stressed because they don’t know exactly if they can get along with the newcomer. If this person is younger, the level of stress will be lower.

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