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Other causes may be genetic, such as dry eye syndrome (DES), a condition in which the eyes do not produce enough lubricating fluid. Whatever the cause of your eye problems, you need to get them checked out and get the right eye treatment as soon as possible. Ophthalmologist Op. Dr. Şeyda Atabay provided information on the subject.

The good news is that most causes of burning eyes are mild and do not affect your eyes much. But if the burning sensation doesn’t go away, there may be a serious problem that deserves the doctor’s attention. Some of the most common causes of this condition include:

*Dry eyes

Dry eyes can be permanent or temporary. Temporary dry eyes can be caused by irritants in the eyes, wearing too many contact lenses, or certain medications, such as the flu and the common cold. Cold medicines work by drying up liquids to prevent a runny nose, for example. This can dry out the moisture in your eyes, causing dry eyes. Temporary dry eyes can be treated with home remedies such as resting the eyes, eye drops, and staying away from irritants. Chronic dry eyes may be due to a condition called dry eye syndrome. This may be due to poor quality tears or the inability to produce enough tears.

Chronic dry eyes can be caused by:

• Age
• Environmental conditions such as strong wind and smoke
• Medical problems such as diabetes and arthritis
• Eye infections
• Prolonged use of contact lenses

Solutions to this situation include:

• Tear protection through surgery or gel pugs in the tear ducts to prevent tear drainage
• Eyelid treatment against inflammation
• Drink plenty of fluids to keep the eyes moist
• Using air conditioners to increase the humidity in the air
If necessary, use eye drops to increase tears in the eyes
• Increase the blink rate when your eyes are dry
• Wear sunglasses outside
• Take supplements that improve the quality of your tears

* Toxins, allergens and toxins

One of the symptoms of allergic reactions to pets, pollen and even dust is burning eyes. Once the allergens are gone, so will the irritation. Other times, bits of makeup can get into your eyes, leading to dry eye symptoms like watery eyes, burning eyes, and others. Larger irritants such as sand can even physically damage the eyes because they cause friction in sensitive eyes. Once you get something in your eye, avoid rubbing as much as possible and then remove the object. Major irritants can cause corneal ulcers. These corneal ulcers can become infected and cause the eyes to burn or hurt. The simple solution for this group of irritants is to remove the irritant, if it is too small, and rinse it away.
If you get a chemical in your eyes, this is a different situation and requires more attention. Items such as household cleaners, sunscreen, thinner, paint, and aerosol sprays contain irritants that can cause long-lasting eye pain. Being around these chemicals can cause eye burns due to the fumes they emit. If they get into your eyes, you should see a doctor or you risk losing your sight if you don’t get treated quickly enough.

However, you need to be very careful with allergens, as some can result from allergic conjunctivitis, which is more serious than common allergic reactions. In such a case, the antibodies produced by the body usually lead to burning eyes with lasting consequences.

Solutions for such causes include:

• Taking antihistamines to reduce the severity of allergens in the body
• Avoid allergens such as dust and pollen
• You will need to reduce your eye exposure to UV light as it is very irritating to the eyes.
• Prevent snow blindness by wearing safety goggles when skiing or working in the snow

You should know your allergies and always try to avoid them. Even if you are not allergic, you should protect your eyes from chemicals and other potential irritants.


Blepharitis is an eye condition in which the eyelids become inflamed or infected by irritants, bacteria, and even mites.
In this case, your eyelids swell, your eyes become dry, itchy and a burning sensation develops. There will be some oily discharge in the form of oily scales at the base of the eyes.

The solution to this disease includes:

• Use warm compresses to remove scales and reduce inflammation.
• Antibiotics.
• Eyelid peeling
• Soothing special eye drops
• Good eye and skin hygiene

Proper diagnosis helps treat this condition before it gets out of hand.


Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a condition in which the clear membrane of the eye, called the conjunctiva, becomes infected or inflamed.

The conjunctiva covers the white part of the eye and should be clear in a healthy eye. When bloated or irritated, the blood vessels become irritated and therefore swollen and visible. As such, the eyes can become red and even swollen due to this situation. You will feel a burning sensation when your eyes have this condition.

Some of the causes of pink eye are:

• Viruses
• Bacteria
• Allergies
• Incompletely opened tear ducts in newborn babies.

When you notice an itchy, dry, red, burning eye with persistent discharge and tearing, it could be conjunctivitis. Since it is an infectious disease, act quickly and avoid contact with other people until you recover.

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