What Causes Hair Loss? Causes of hair loss

There are many that affect hair loss. One is genetic predisposition, others are; stress, thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies, diet, drug use, hormonal changes, anemia, seasonal changes, some skin diseases, female hair loss, hair loss disease, menopause…

In addition, due to air pollution, the hair can be washed every 3 days, but washing the hair too much will wear out the hair. It should be washed with warm water to prevent the hair from drying out and wearing out, and very hot water should be avoided .

Hair loss is a more common problem in men than in women. Genetic hair loss in men can start anytime from puberty to the ages of 40 and 50. Unhealthy and falling out hair is a problem that can lead to loss of self-confidence in people, but hair loss is not insoluble.

Hair mesotherapy is a common treatment option for hair loss. The method of mesotherapy, which is applied to hair loss in both women and men, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair and helps it grow in a healthy way. Mesotherapy, which is used in the treatment of problems such as ringworm, baldness and hair loss, is an effective blend of various nutrients, namely vitamins, microelements and nourishing enzymes. This mixture is injected into the scalp using an injector and increases blood circulation in the scalp by accelerating cell metabolism. The mesotherapy needle is injected 2-3 mm below the scalp. The duration of the hair mesotherapy treatment, which varies from person to person, is between 3 and 10 sessions.

Another method of treatment is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, obtained from the person’s own blood, the process of separating the plasma from the blood with a special process and returning it to the body by injection. The plasma obtained is very rich in growth factors.
The latest method in the fight against hair loss is the autologous micro-transplantation procedure. It is a new technique in tissue regeneration based on capillary and tissue regeneration therapy. This technique uses “a tissue suspension consisting of one’s own (autologous) cells” to regenerate the scalp and tissues. In the application, the cells collected from the healthy scalp in the back of the patient’s ear are processed and injected back into the entire scalp, increasing the number of progenitor cells in the treated area.
These methods are also used to support the application before or after hair transplantation and to increase efficiency.

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