What Causes Heartburn and Heartburn?

Heartburn can be seen as a result of food consumption that can be hard on the stomach, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and acidic drinks and wrong eating habits. Conditions such as stress in daily life, obesity, pregnancy and consumed food can cause heartburn. Occasional heartburn is a normal phenomenon that can happen to many people. Rare problems can be controlled by lifestyle changes, but persistent heartburn can be a symptom of gastrointestinal disease, in which case it would be helpful to see a specialist doctor.

Specialist dietician Ceren Karahan provided education on the subject.

There are symptoms such as heartburn, pain and burning sensation in the chest, sour and bitter gastric juice coming to the mouth, burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus after eating, and pain and burning sensation in the stomach that increases at night.

To avoid heartburn, it is necessary to pay attention to the food and drinks consumed. It is necessary to stay away from those foods by finding out which foods cause the feeling of souring and burning. Especially spicy foods, onions, garlic, tomatoes, ketchup, citrus fruits, strong coffee and tea, carbonated drinks, chocolate, very hot and cold foods, alcohol and very fatty heavy foods cause heartburn. A balanced and careful diet is required. Consuming small and frequent meals prevents heartburn.

To avoid the problem of acidification and burning, it is necessary to change the lifestyle. It’s good to maintain a healthy ideal weight, finish eating at least three hours before bed, reduce meal times and eat more often, stop smoking if at all, and turn the head of raise the bed.

What are the foods that are good for heartburn:

• Because almond neutralizes stomach acid, it is also good for the feeling of acidity.
• Ginger is a food that calms heartburn and calms the nerves. Acidity can be prevented by consuming it raw or in the form of ginger tea.
• Apple is another food that neutralizes stomach acid.
• Ayran helps to balance stomach acid. You can consume buttermilk to relieve acidity.
• Alkaline foods can help balance stomach acid: bananas, melon, cauliflower, fennel and nuts.

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