What Causes the Lip Eating Habit? Ways to get rid of

The habit of biting our lips, which many of us do in stressful moments, can have serious consequences. Biting or licking the lips can affect lip health and cause aesthetic problems. In this article, we will share information about the downsides of lip biting and how to stop it. Read on to discover ways to break the habit of lip biting.

Lip biting is a behavior that many people perform subconsciously or unconsciously. This habit can manifest as frequent biting, pulling, or licking the lips. Lip biting can occur as a stress response, anxiety, or coping mechanism. In this article we will discuss the possible effects of lip biting.

1. Excessive thirst

Water, which is necessary for the continuity of our lives, forms a large part of our body. The body, unable to get enough water, begins to lose water rapidly. This situation involves lip licking and lip biting. Thus, the habit of lip biting is acquired. To avoid this situation, the individual should pay attention to the amount of daily water consumption and consume enough water.

2. Stress

Situations such as over-excitement and over-stress experienced by the individual during the day can lead the individual to bite their lips. This condition is usually seen in individuals who are depressed and have various mental disorders. To avoid this situation, the individual should receive the necessary treatment. As a result of the treatment, the individual will get rid of the habit of lip biting.

3. Kidney Diseases

The habit of biting or licking the lips can sometimes be a sign of kidney disease. Because it has been observed that persons with renal impairment often eat their lips. For this reason, individuals whose lip eating habit develops later should have their kidney function checked at a health facility.

4. Medications

Some medications cause dry skin as a side effect. This is especially observed with acne medications. Due to the effect of these drugs, which also dry out the lips, the individual begins to constantly lick and eat his lips. When the use of the drug is finished, this habit will disappear over time.

How to stop lip biting?

Habit of eating lips

Lip biting can be an uncomfortable behavior for many people. Constantly biting or licking your lips can affect the health of your lips and cause aesthetic problems. If you want to stop lip biting, we have shared some effective methods for you below:

Here are the ways to stop lip eating;

1. Be firm

Be determined not to eat from your lips again, and condition yourself not to eat from your lips again. You have to repeat this thought over and over.

2. Use an unpleasant lipstick

Apply a lipstick you don’t want to taste, which will stop you from eating your lips. So every time you try to bite your lip, it will be temporary and you will give up.

3. Find a deal

Habit of eating lips

Your lip-biting habit can only arise from boredom and laziness. For this reason, you should find an occupation for yourself and give your attention to this effort. Having a hobby is good for you as well as your lips.

4. Avoid trouble

Your lips deserve no less value than all your problems. Therefore, try to stay away from trouble. Even if you run into problems, you have to condition yourself not to bite your lips.

5. Don’t lick your lips

If you often lick your lips, your lips will dry out. Dry lips form crusts. In this case, the individual will exhibit the behavior of picking their crusted lips. You shouldn’t lick your lips to avoid eating them.

6. Chewing gum

You may be aiming for your lips while your mouth is empty. To avoid this situation, you can distract your mouth. Chewing gum is an effective solution for this. You can give up your lip eating habit while chewing gum.

7. Teeth your control fix it

Habit of eating lips

The lip eating habit of some individuals is related to the structure of the mouth. The body, trying to correct the disorder in your mouth structure, can constantly push you to your lips. For this reason, you should definitely consult a dentist and have your teeth and mouth checked. You can get rid of your lip eating habit by treating the irregularity in your mouth.

8. Do breathing exercises

If you want to eat your lips, you can relax by doing breathing exercises from the diaphragm. This will prevent you from eating your lips at that moment. This will make your lip biting habit go away over time.

Disadvantages of lip eating habits

Habit of eating lips

Lip biting is a behavior that many people perform subconsciously or unconsciously. This habit manifests itself in the form of constant biting, pulling or licking the lips. The habit of biting the lips can be harmful both physically and psychologically. Here are the potential downsides of lip biting:

Dermatological problems

Lip biting irritates the sensitive skin of the lips and can lead to various dermatological problems. Constantly biting or licking the lips can cause redness, swelling, cracking, and crusting of the lips. Also, this habit can increase the risk of infection on the lips.

Infection risk

The habit of lip biting can allow bacteria in the mouth to come into contact with the lips and increase the risk of infection. Constantly biting or licking the lips can cause small cuts and tears on the lips. These injuries can increase the risk of infection and cause pain, redness, swelling, and tenderness of the lips.

aesthetic problems

Constant biting or licking of the lips can adversely affect the shape and appearance of the lips. This habit can cause permanent damage to the lips. Wounds, especially on the edges of the lips or on the inside of the lip, can make the lips look rough or uneven. This situation can negatively affect the aesthetic appearance of the lips and reduce the person’s self-confidence.

psychological effects

Lip biting is often associated with stress, anxiety or boredom. This behavior can be used as a form of relaxation or stress relief. However, constant lip eating can contribute to psychological problems in the long run. Lip biting can increase anxiety, cause a lack of self-confidence, and make someone feel negative.

Problems with social interaction

People with a lip-biting habit may find it difficult to control this behavior. Consistent lip-licking in public can draw other people’s attention and cause social interaction problems. The person may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by this habit.

How to Eliminate the Lip Biting Habit?

To stop the lip-biting habit, you can use a bad-tasting lipstick, stop licking your lips, get dental checkups, do breathing exercises, chew gum, and try to avoid problems.

What Causes the Lip Biting Habit?

The main reason for lip biting is stress. Other reasons may vary from person to person. A person who is constantly under stress can involuntarily eat his lips. When he realizes that he is biting his lip, it will be enough to stop the habit and be firm about it.

Is lip picking a disease?

Lip plucking is no different from pulling out hair. Along with beard, mustache, and eyelash picking, it is called lip biting, lip skin tearing, and thumb sucking urge disorder. It is 10 times more common in women than in men.

Is Lip Eating Psychological?

Lip biting and eating habits, which are a common problem, usually occur in stressful and tense situations. People who feel restless bite their lips without realizing it.

Does eating lips break the fast?

Eating or accidentally swallowing a piece from the inside of the lip does not break the fast, but eating a piece from the outside of the lip invalidates the fast. Since the inside of the lips is considered the inside of the body, the fast is not broken.

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