What colors should we wear in summer? Show and suggestions

With the arrival of summer, the colors in our wardrobe begin to change. While in winter we prefer darker tones, in summer we tend towards vibrant and energetic colors. However, we can sometimes have doubts about what colors to wear in summer. Some colors can be uncomfortable in hot weather, while others reflect the energy of sunny weather.

How should the choice of color be in summer?

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • pastel shades

In summer, the color choices in your wardrobe should be vibrant and energetic in keeping with the warm weather. However, it is important to keep some basic principles in mind when choosing a color.

The principle is that the colors you choose match your skin tone. Everyone’s skin tone is different and some colors suit certain skin tones better. For example, fair-skinned people should prefer whites, pastels and soft pinks, these colors will brighten up their skin even more. Dark skinned people may prefer vibrant colors like orange, red, turquoise.

Colors are compatible with each other. You can choose harmonious colors using the color wheel. When used together, analogous colors (the colors that are most important) or the complementary colors (the colors that are complementary to each other) create great harmony. For example, you can mix blues and greens, oranges and blues, pinks and purples.

Limiting your clothes to a few primary colors allows you to match colors without cluttering your wardrobe. This will help you create more options in your wardrobe. You can use neutral colors like white, black, or beige to balance the colors.

Refreshing blue tones

What colors should we wear in summer?

It is very important to choose cooling and refreshing colors in our clothing choices in hot summer weather. At the moment, blue tones can be a good choice, both in terms of spaciousness and style. Blue tones are one of the most popular colors of the summer with their cooling effect.

You can add mobility to your clothes by using shades of blue, different shades and different patterns. For example, pastel blue dresses, jeans or light blue T-shirts are great for summer outfits. Striped or patterned blue T-shirts, dresses or blouses also add mobility to your wardrobe.

It is a color that can be combined well with many different colors. You can combine colors such as white, black, grey, green or yellow with shades of blue. This is how you create a fresh and cool style in the summer by completing a light blue dress with a white bag or shoes.

Blue shades can also be used to match different styles. While blue T-shirts can be paired with jeans or sportswear shorts, dresses or blouses in shades of blue may be preferred for a more elegant style.

Vibrant orange and yellow toned clothing

What colors should we wear in summer?

Summer is a great time to use vibrant colors. Vibrant colors like orange and yellow have become very popular in this summer wear. Vibrant oranges and yellows can be the perfect choice to capture the energetic and fun vibe of summer.

Show orange

Vibrant orange tones are a bold and eye-catching choice. Pieces like orange dresses, t-shirts or skirts provide an energetic look when you are outside in the summer. Orange tones also go great with a tanned skin tone.

Yellow tones

Yellow tones are one of the most popular colors of summer. It is possible to create an energetic summer style with bright yellow T-shirts, dresses or trousers. You can also combine yellow tones with neutrals like white or black for a simpler look.

Orange and yellow combination

When orange and yellow tones are used together they create an extremely vibrant and energetic look. Orange and yellow dresses or T-shirts offer a casual style that you can wear all day in the summer. These vibrant colors can also be combined with accessories. You create a beautiful contrast by complementing a black or white outfit with a bag, hat or shoes in orange or yellow tones.

Pastel shades: perfect options for a romantic summer

What colors should we wear in summer?

There are many color options that we can use in our wardrobe on hot summer days. But pastel shades can be a great option to create a summer style that is both romantic and relaxed. With their light and soft tones, these colors give a pleasant atmosphere to our skin and also keep us cool in hot weather.

First of all, it is important to correctly combine pastel colors. You can create a soft look by combining these colors with other pastels, or you can balance pastels with bolder and more vibrant colors for a stronger effect.

Another important point is the compatibility of pastel shades with our skin tone. Everyone’s skin tone is different and some pastel shades may suit some skin tones better. For example, fair-skinned people may prefer lighter tones or more pastels, while darker-skinned people may prefer richer and more vibrant pastels.

So what colors can be included in pastel shades? The most popular pastel shades are pink, blue, lavender, lime green, mint green and yellow. These colors are both compatible with each other and wonderful to combine with other colors.

What colors do we wear in summer?

There is a wide range of colors that we can wear in the summer. You can choose lively and energetic tones. Colors like orange, yellow, green, blue and pink are ideal for warm weather. Pastel shades are also a great option for creating a romantic summer style.

Can dark colors be worn in summer?

Dark colors can be worn in the summer, but they can be a bit uncomfortable in hot weather. Therefore, you can give preference to dark colors in clothes made of light and thin fabrics. For example, instead of black jeans, you can opt for light black shorts.

Can you wear white in summer?

Naturally! White is one of the most popular colors of summer. It provides a cool and light appearance and can keep you cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. White t-shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts can be used in any summer style.

Can you wear black in summer?

A black outfit always makes you look stylish, but on hot summer days it can be a bit uncomfortable. By combining black with clothing made of light fabrics, you get a stylish and cool look. For example, you can opt for a black jumpsuit or a light black dress.

How do we combine colors in summer?

Color combinations depend on your personal style and taste. You can use vibrant colors together for a bold look. For example, you can opt for a yellow blouse and blue shorts. You can use pastel colors together for a softer look. For example, you can complement a mint green dress with a lavender-colored bag.

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