What do you say when you sneeze? What is a sneeze called?

In addition, when a person is caught with diseases such as flu and cold, he sneezes to expel the viruses in his body. For sneezing to take place, a foreign substance must enter the nose into the mucus fluid in the person’s nose at a rate that causes the person to sneeze. Sneezing occurs due to the irritation of the hair follicles in the nose with the effect of these foreign substances.

In addition, sneezing is a reaction that can be called a reflex that individuals can partially control. Sneezing has benefits for humans. Harmful substances that enter the body of the individual are expelled from the body by sneezing. Sneezing an average of four times a day is considered healthy.

What do you say when you sneeze?

Persons who sneeze are given good wishes in public, such as longevity, good life, or healthy life. In Islam, a person who sneezes is called Yerhamukallah. This word is used in the meaning may Allah have mercy on you. Considering its use in other languages, it is expressed as bless in English.

When people living in the US say God bless you, people in Greece use an expression that means long live, just like the Turkish people. In contrast, individuals in Germany use the word Gesundheit to express that people who sneeze lead a healthy life.

What is a sneeze called?

In Islam, a person who sneezes is called Yerhamukallah and the person who sneezes must say Alhamdulillah in response. This is sunnah according to our religion. In our language, the person who sneezes can give answers such as goodbye or thank you.

History of the sneeze

The history of sneezing goes back to ancient times. The good wishes for the sneezing individual to be healthy date back to the 1300s. With the plague epidemic spreading around the world at that time, long live the person who sneezes came into being.

Plague disease caused sneezing in individuals. In this deadly disease that takes lives, people were grateful when they held on to life. For this reason, they wished healing to the sneezing individuals for their survival.

What are the benefits of sneezing?

Sneezing, a reflexive behavior, has multiple benefits for individuals. When people sneeze, their brain and heart pump blood. Thus, it is effective in the healthier functioning of the heart and brain. It is also perfect for vein expansion. The substances that can be considered harmful and that enter the lungs of the individual are excreted from the body through sneezing.

In this way, people breathe air with a clean lung while breathing air. During sneezing, the heart stops functioning for a second, in other words, it stops. At that moment, this stopping action for the heart is expressed as a rest after continuous work, even if only for a second. It is also seen to be beneficial in opening the sinuses of individuals in the head and surrounding area.

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