What Does Whatsapp “Mark As Unread” Feature Do?

What is the purpose of marking as unread?

WhatsApp can often become a place filled with messages expecting instant replies. However, it is not always possible to respond to messages immediately. Therefore, the feature to mark as unread on WhatsApp is quite useful.

This function is used to indicate that a received message has not been read and has yet to be answered. That way, users can reply to messages later and don’t have to worry about forgetting or missing something about missed messages. However, using this feature to indicate that messages have not been read also informs the senders that the message has been delivered and has not been read. Therefore, it can be useful to use this feature to prevent senders from repeatedly sending you abusive messages about the message.

Mark as unread on WhatsApp can also be used to let you know that the message has been read but not or will be replied to later. This way you can let the other party know that the message has been read without having to respond immediately.

How to mark as unread on WhatsApp?

Once a message has been sent in WhatsApp, it will be marked as “Sent”. However, if the message is read by the recipient, it will be marked as “Read”. To know if your message has been read and to see if the recipient has seen your message, it must be marked as “Read” in WhatsApp. However, there are times when you don’t want your messages read. That’s when you can mark it as “Unread”.

To mark as “Unread” on WhatsApp, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, open the Whatsapp app and select the chat window.

  2. Send your message.

  3. To immediately mark your sent message as “Unread”, close the app or disconnect from the internet immediately after sending the message.

  4. To mark the message as “Unread” later, select and hold the sent message.

  5. Select “Mark” from the drop-down menu.

  6. In the window that appears, select the “Unread” option.

  7. After your selection is confirmed, your message will be marked as “Unread”.

Note: Marking the message as “Unread” only works as long as the person you’re receiving the message from keeps notifications enabled in WhatsApp. If the person has turned off notifications or hasn’t opened the app, your message will still not be marked as “Unread”.

How long are messages marked as unread kept?

Purpose of mark as unread

Marking a message as “Unread” in Whatsapp means that you have not read a message in a chat window. However, you can mark a message as “Unread” so that when other people read your message, they know you’ve read it too.

When you mark a message as “Unread”, a little blue double-click appears in the chat window where the message was sent. This means that when other people read your message, it will not be marked as “Unread”.

Messages marked as unread remain in the chat window in which the message was sent. They stay there until you mark the message as “Read”. This time depends on how long ago the message was sent and other factors. However, messages are usually expected to remain in the chat window for several weeks.

However, messages are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time. Whatsapp has an automatic message deletion feature in the chat window. This feature is represented by the “Delete” icon at the bottom of the chat window. Go to the chat window where you want to delete the messages, tap the “Delete” icon and choose “Delete for everyone” or “Delete for yourself” from the pop-up menu.

So how long a message remains marked as “Unread” and how long it is automatically deleted depends on the characteristics of the chat window from which the message was sent and your preferences.

Can messages marked as unread be read again?

Purpose of mark as unread

In Whatsapp, it is very useful to mark an unread message as unread. This feature allows you to mark a message as a reminder when you don’t need to read it or for messages you can’t reply to. But is it possible to re-read an unread message after reading it once?

Unfortunately, you cannot re-read a message marked as unread. This function is only intended to indicate that a message has not been read and is used to determine whether a message has been read. A message marked as unread will keep that mark as long as it is stored this way, unless it is read again.

However, you may want to re-read a message that you accidentally marked as unread. In that case, you can mark the message as unread and read it again. To do this, press and hold on the message and you can uncheck it by selecting the “Unread” option from the menu that opens.

Basically, a message marked as unread on Whatsapp cannot be read again. If you want to re-read a message you accidentally flagged, you can uncheck it and read the message again.

Are messages marked as unread reported to the other party?

Whatsapp offers many features that make it easier for you to see whether your messages have been read or not. One is to mark it as “unread”. Well, have you ever wondered if marking a message as “unread” sends a notification to the other party?

Marking a message as “unread” does not actually send any notification to the other party. This process only gives you a visual indication. So it provides an easier way to track if and when your message has been read.

This feature also works well if the other party has more time to respond to your message. For example, you ask a colleague an urgent question and you want to know if he or she has read your message. Marking it as “Unread” lets you know that they are aware of your message and are taking the time to prepare a response.

However, please note that it is not possible to check whether the other party has read your messages marked as “unread”. If the person doesn’t send a read receipt, your message will still be marked as “unread”.

What is the “Mark as Unread” feature?

This function is used to inform the other party that you have not read a message. As long as you have not read the message, the sender will not receive a read receipt.

Why is the “Mark as unread” feature important?

This feature lets the sender know whether you have read messages or not. However, sometimes you don’t have the right time to read or reply to a message. In this case, you can save yourself some time by marking the message with the “Mark as unread” option, without letting you know whether the message has been read or not.

How to use the “Mark as unread” function?

Before reading a message, tap and hold the message and select “Mark as unread” from the pop-up menu. When you’ve read the message, tap and hold the message and select “Mark as read” from the pop-up menu.

Does the “Mark as unread” feature only apply to text messages?

No, this feature also applies to images, videos, voice messages and documents.

Does the “Mark as unread” feature prevent a message from being deleted?

No, this feature is not designed to delete a message or prevent it from being deleted.

How long will the “Mark as unread” feature remain active?

This feature is automatically disabled when the message is read or deleted after 30 days.

Does the “Mark as unread” feature send a notification to the other party?

No, no notification is sent to the other party. However, in some cases, the “Marked as unread” message is still visible in the message history.

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