What gives the skin a bronze color? Top 20 Foods For Tanning Skin

Bronzing Foods

In the summer everyone wants to shine radiantly. If you want to tan and have tanned skin, you can tan easily by consuming the foods that we will be providing in our content regularly.

Experts recommend egg yolk, red lettuce, carrot, beetroot, tomato, mango, apricot, zucchini, watermelon, peach, sweet potato, parsley, red pepper, spinach, cantaloupe, olive oil, strawberries, nuts, salmon and turkey as tanning foods.

Bronzing Nutrients List

Desk Food effect
a egg yolk Provides softness
2 Red Lettuce Adds shine
3 Carrot Provides moisture balance
4 beet Removes dead cells
5 tomatoes Adds shine
6 Mango Protects against UV rays
7 Apricot Provides moisture balance
8 Pumpkin Prevents redness
9 Watermelon Adds shine
10 Peach Removes dead cells
11th Sweet potato Adds shine
12 Parsley Prevents redness
13 Sweet Red Pepper Protects against UV rays
14 Spinach Protects against UV rays
15 Melon Provides moisture balance
16 Olive oil Balances the skin tone
17 Strawberry Balances the skin tone
18 nuts Protects against UV rays
19 salmon Provides moisture balance
20 turkey meat Adds shine

Top 20 Tanning Food Recommendations

These are the foods you can eat to get tan…

1. Egg yolk

You can brown easily and quickly with eggs. Egg yolk is rich in vitamin A, which protects your skin from UV rays. This will prevent you from blushing while sunbathing. That is why you should definitely eat eggs for breakfast on the way to the beach.

2. Red lettuce

foods that tan the skin

One of the foods that tan your skin is red lettuce. You can make your skin glow thanks to the minerals and vitamins that are in large quantities in red lettuce. It is recommended to consume this food regularly for a healthy tan.

3. Carrot

foods that tan the skin

Carrot, which minimizes the damage caused by UV light, is also rich in vitamin A, thanks to the high amount of carotene it contains. This way your skin will get a healthy pink color.

4. Beets

foods that tan the skin

Beetroot, one of the vegetables you can consume for sunbathing, allows the body to produce melanin pigment. Thanks to melanin, the nutrient that gives your skin a dark color also contains a large amount of vitamin A. In this way, you get a clearer skin structure.

5. Tomatoes

foods that tan the skin

Tomatoes, which are full of vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E, make the skin look more beautiful and make the tan permanent. If you consume tomatoes regularly, your skin will turn brown.

6. Mango

foods that tan the skin

One of the most preferred tanning products is mango. Mango, which does not allow the formation of wrinkles and lines on the skin, plays a major role in your health. Thanks to the production of melanin, mango also gives your skin a tan.

7. Apricot

foods that tan the skin

Apricot, which supports the production of melanin, which darkens the skin, is thus becoming the choice of people who want to tan their skin. You can get bronze skin by consuming a lot of apricots. Let’s also say that this fruit increases the durability of tanning.

8. Pumpkin

foods that tan the skin

Another tanning food is pumpkin. This nutrient not only gives you a tan, but also ensures a more radiant skin. Thanks to the beta-carotene in pumpkin, it helps the pigments in the skin to tan more easily.

9. Watermelon

foods that tan the skin

Consuming watermelon regularly is touted by experts as one of the methods that facilitate tanning. Thanks to the vitamin A contained in it, someone who regularly consumes watermelon can easily tan.

10. Peach

foods that tan the skin

Peaches, like watermelons, contain a lot of vitamin A. In this way it supports the tanning enormously. Let’s say that in addition to all this, the peach, which takes care of the moisture balance of your skin, will give you a natural glow.

11. Sweet Potatoes

foods that tan the skin

Sweet potatoes, which you may not hear often, but which contain carotene with lots of vitamin A, are among the foods recommended for tanned skin. In addition to sweet potatoes, you can also choose the potato that we do not miss in our kitchens and that we consume a lot.

12. Parsley

foods that tan the skin

Parsley, like spinach, helps those who want to get a tan as it contains a lot of carotene and vitamins. You can tan your skin thanks to the parsley that you consume in large quantities and regularly.

13. Sweet Pepper

foods that tan the skin

Another tanning food is sweet paprika. You can easily realize your bronze skin dream with sweet red pepper. With the high content of carotene you can achieve the desired browning level in a healthy way.

14. Spinach

foods that tan the skin

Spinach, a good source of folate, is a favorite food source for tanning thanks to the vitamins and carotene it contains. Dark colored vegetables such as spinach are essential for healthy and glowing skin. You can consume these foods, which are high in vitamins A, C and K, with peace of mind.

15. Melon

foods that tan the skin

Melon, one of the most loved and favored summer fruits, contributes greatly to tanning in a way that suits the season. You can achieve a healthy color with the carotonoids in the content.

16. Olive Oil

foods that tan the skin

While olive oil doesn’t tan your skin, it helps protect your skin tone. We recommend consuming olive oil in addition to other foods, which will keep your skin tanned. This way you can maintain the appearance of your skin after sunbathing.

17. Strawberry

foods that tan the skin

Strawberry is one of the foods that tan your skin. The ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant, will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. In this way, the collagen tissue in your skin is supported and kept healthy.

18. Nuts

foods that tan the skin

While nuts do not directly affect tanning, they do benefit indirectly. Nuts, which contain a large amount of selenium, protect our skin from bad external factors. This protects your skin from UV rays from the sun and gives you a beautiful tan.

19. Salmon

foods that tan the skin

Salmon, which is rich in vitamin A, has the effect of accelerating your tan. In addition, the nutrient, which helps protect skin health, also restores the moisture the skin needs. In addition, we can say that salmon reduces the dullness of the skin and gives it a lively appearance.

20. Turkey meat

foods that tan the skin

Another tanning food is turkey meat. Turkey meat has an accelerating effect on browning due to its high tyrosine content. Thanks to the turkey meat you eat in the summer months, you can get brown in a short time.

What should I eat to get a tan?

If you want to tan, there are many foods you can consume. These foods include tomatoes, mangoes, egg yolks, red lettuce, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, parsley, red peppers, spinach, melons, olive oil, strawberries, nuts, apricots, zucchini, watermelon, peaches, salmon, and turkey.

What to do to tan immediately?

If your skin tone is light, we can recommend cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is one of the most effective ways to tan quickly. In addition, wheat oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, green tea extract, sunflower oil and sesame oil will also contribute to your tan.

Does carrot juice turn brown?

The carotene substance in the carrot accelerates the proliferation of melanocytes in the body. This way, when you sunbathe during the hours when the sun’s rays are not steep, you can get the tan look you want.

How should brunettes tan?

Dark-skinned people also want to tan like white people. These people can use coffee bean oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, hazelnut oil and apricot oil. Let’s also say that these oils can be used by mixing.

How do you become the most beautiful bronze?

If you want to get a beautiful tan, you need to apply the right sun protection, moisturize your skin with sodium PCA-containing lotion and clear your skin of dead skin cells. This way your skin tans exactly the way you want it.

Does Turkish coffee make you brown?

Thanks to its exfoliating effect, Turkish coffee purifies the skin of dead skin cells. You can contribute to tanning with coffee that you can consume to change the color of your skin naturally.

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