What happens if you eat pastries for breakfast every day?

Carb-bombing pastries like bagels, pastries, and sandwiches are the first choice of those looking for practical yet delicious breakfast foods. While these foods take away the problem of not eating breakfast for a long time on the way to work or school, they can pose a health hazard. Experts argue that it is necessary to be aware of the disadvantages of pastries consumed for breakfast.

Excess sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods negatively affect brain development. Foods such as cakes and pastries cause hyperactivity and attention deficit.

Not only pastries, but almost all bakery products can cause serious health problems in the field of human health. The greatest harm to human health from margarine used during the preparation of pastries is by far. It increases the chance of developing coronary heart disease. It causes an increase in cholesterol called LDL. It also affects the low quality of breast milk.

Because they are very frequently produced and cheap, pastries and their variants are usually produced in unsanitary ovens and counters. These foods, which are produced with no regard for human health, can cause illnesses that can lead to poisoning and even permanent damage.

Consuming pastries gradually reduces your frequency of going to the toilet and causes a slowdown in your intestinal system. In addition to these disadvantages, when consumed correctly, it also has benefits such as lowering the good cholesterol called HDL. However, the constant consumption of ordinary pastries negatively affects human health. You have to be careful with this.

Hot pastries consumed by people with sensitive stomachs can cause stomach burning and pain in a short time. One of the main drawbacks of pastries is that it has more weight gain than regular food. Especially in the first hours of the morning, the use of open sandwiches with a lot of oil causes people to gain weight faster. It is not easy to lose these weights because a lot of fat enters the body.

A large amount of margarine is used in the pastries. From places such as patisseries and bakeries, margarine is used to meet the oil requirement in all bakery products such as pastries and confectionery. Margarine is one of the most harmful oil groups among oils.

Therefore, the constant consumption of pastries with margarine is very harmful to cardiovascular health. Especially in the morning, donuts consumed instead of a healthy breakfast cause the heart to fatigue in the early hours. Affecting the heart can also affect the entire body in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the consumption of pastries.

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