What happens if you use any nasal spray to unclog it?

Nasal congestion, which can lead to serious problems if left untreated, can have many causes, from allergies to upper respiratory infections, from bone curvature to sinusitis, from rhinitis (allergic rhinitis) to nasal and adenoids. Throat, Nose and Throat Disease (ENT) Specialist Assoc. Dr. Serap Önder stated that nasal congestion, which is a common problem in babies, children and adults in our country, will not be neglected and said: “Even short-term nasal congestion can affect quality of life and cause sleeping problems. Deterioration in sleep quality can also cause course fatigue, decrease in academic success and distraction during the day. Although prolonged nasal congestion negatively affects growth and development, it can lead to hearing problems, snoring due to sleeping with the mouth open, disorders in the development of teeth and jaws, and serious diseases, especially the heart, because healthy breathing will not occur. .

Emphasizing that the underlying cause of nasal congestion should be identified and appropriate treatment initiated urgently, Assoc. Dr Serap Şahin Önder said:

“In case of nasal congestion, you can first wash your nose with sea water, but in case of nasal congestion that lasts more than a week, a doctor should be consulted. If the problem is caused by problems such as adenoid size or adenoid inflammation , polyps, concha, the problem may become eliminated with surgical treatment and allergens (pollen, animal hair, objects containing dust in the environment, foods with sugar and additives, etc.) “Sometimes antibiotics may be needed during the passage. it has been determined that there is no underlying medical problem, ocean waters can be used for a long time due to their natural content.”
6 most common mistakes for stuffy nose

ENT Specialist Associate. Dr. Serap Şahin Önder pointed out that some mistakes can be made in our society in the case of nasal congestion in both adults and children, and emphasized that using random nasal sprays without consulting a doctor, especially with the information obtained from the circle of friends or the internet does more harm than good in the long run. “Nasal sprays should not be used unsupervised for long periods of time,” Assoc said. Dr. Serap Şahin Önder explained the most common mistakes as follows:

1- Accept nasal congestion as normal and do not consult a doctor,

2- Use of nasal spray for more than 5 days without control,

3- Thinking that sleeping with your mouth open and snoring is normal,

4- Using antibiotics for any inflamed runny nose,

5- Do not use cortisone-containing sprays without hesitation despite the doctor’s advice,

6- Failing to detect the allergen factors that cause nasal congestion and not getting away from these allergens.

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